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Why I Walk

  • Thank you for all that you do!  Thank you for walking, thank you for sharing your story with us and everyone else.  Thank you for caring so much and being an amazing mom to all three of your sweet boys.

    So much love,


  • Lindsay, Every time I hear your story I get so frustrated at your doctor. There are so many great ones out there, but there also some who just don't take pregnant mother's concerns seriously enough. I am so glad that you are okay, but so sad that you didn't get to bring Naethyn home with you. You are an awesome mom to your other two beautiful boys and the March of Dimes is so lucky to have you on their team. Our walk is May 14 and I look forward to walking for Bruce and all of these amazing babies!


  • Love and lots of HUGS to you!   Thank you for sharing your three boys with us!  


  • Thank you for all you do Lindsay! Like Cassie, I think that doctors should take the concerns of their patients seriously, whether or not we are "just moms!" Thank you for all you do for the mission and to raise awareness.

    Love and Hugs


  • Lindsay - I hope that you had a good walk this year.  Walking is such a beautiful way to honor your three boys.  I wish you could have all three boys physically walking with you, but I know Naethyn was there with you guys.  

    Sending huge hugs,


  • Thank you for sharing your story, Lindsay! You are an amazing mom and so sorry for the loss of Naethyn. Love your picture from the walk! Thank you for all that you do!