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  • Oh my goodness! So tiny! It's hard to believe that he was once so small. You are blessed, Lindsay, although I know later events can overshadow that joy. I'm glad you're taking time to appreciate your biggest little one today :)


  • Oh my gosh, where does the time go!?

  • How cute is that smile after such a huge journey??!!!  I'm so happy that things are going so well for him!  Very handsome!!


  • Look at that little bean...all grown up now!  What a miracle he's just amazing :)

    Hugs Lindsay :)


  • Oh Lindsay he was so small and now a big gorgeous boy! Oohh I do remember that day when I brought my kids from hospital, ooh boy I sweat... I couldn't sleep and they slept in bed with me, I was afraid something might happen to them in their crib.....and to add the fear of the first child..... all new...... So glad Donovyn is doing great and he ask for vegetables..... kids are exceptional, S can get my mood with just one sight...... big hug to you my friend


  • Oh, how beautiful he is and what a blessing!  It's so nice and refreshing to hear of these takes my breath away to see those pictures of him as a baby, so small!  i love that the last picture he's sitting in the same spot of the couch, and by the same christmas tree!  :)

    merry christmas to your family Lindsay.


  • Hey Lindsay,

    I was trying to instant message you on Share, and it kept saying couldn't find recipient???  maybe i'm using the wrong username?? anyway, here's my message:

    just catching up on Share and wanted to say hi.  thank you so much for the christmas card, i really loved it!  i hope your family had a great christmas; Bella really had a great time this year!  

    i'll talk to you later,