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  • Your post really struck a chord for me.  I have shared so many of those thoughts just beating myself up for the last weeks of my pregnancy.  The if onlys could go on forever.

    Such a powerful last line to your post.

    You're in my thoughts,


  • Your post has too struck a chord for me..i spend alot of time questioning myself and wishing id done things different...i too suffered from pre eclampsia...i wish more than anything that i could somehow make things alright for us all...the wishes,what ifs and if onlys constantly replay in my head...we put our trust in the medical profession yet they so often let us mummys and babies midwife thought my high blood pressure was nothing until a week later was admitted to hospital...then there wasnt monitored properly,my precious boy would be alive now if it werent for them..wish i could go back in time with what i know thoughts are with you...chantelle x

  • Thank you ladies.  I'm so thankful that I can share my feelings with you.  You are the only ones who get it.  Thank you for being there:)


  • I'm so sorry you're plagued by the doubts and the guilt.  The pain of losing a child is bad enough that it doesn't need to be intensified by those thoughts and feelings.

    I hope that you can find peace as you continue your path of mourning and healing.


  • Thank you for all of the kind words.  I couldn't get through this without you guys:)