Somewhere Over the Rainbow


  • Happy heavenly birthday marco!   Tinking if you!



  • Happy birthday Marco!!

    Our stories are so similar... I delivered Baron at 30 wks and we only had 30 precious minutes with him . He passed in my arms with no iv's or tubes just David, me the doctor and nurse. It was a very quiet time... Peaceful for him. I also have had those moments when I look at Gabrielle and think of how much I am missing with Baron, but realize he would never have had the same lifestyle. He would have always had to be on a breathing machine, never be able to laugh so I also realize I miss the idea of what I first thought my pregnancy was.... A healthy one... Not one that ended in death.

    But it is true a rainbow baby does bring around so much healing, so much joy and yes so much sleep deprivation but worth all of it.

    I'm glad you got to spend his birthday with your family in a nice quiet way... I'm sure he loved it


  • There was a reminder for us gals in the community center about Marco's angelversary.  I was SO thinking of you yesterday.  I know that there will always be a bit of a hole in your heart and that the brick will fall out of your pocket from time to time, but I'm so happy that Lucia is bringing you smiles and you are finding that balance.



  • I wish you peace and love especially today. Marco is with you always.



  • Thinking of you Libby. I'm sure Marco is smiling down watching all of you together.

    looking forward to seeing you in two weeks.


  • Happy Birthday Marco!

    I remember when you were born.  We all rooted on for each extra day your momma was able to carry you.  You're missed, and yet I know that you're always close to your mommy and daddy, when not busy causing a ruckus with Akeelah that is.

    Hugs Libby!


  • Millions of hugs to you! Love the picture!


  • Happy Birthday to your sweet Marco. Hugs to you.


  • Happy birthday to Marco!

    I really do feel that our angels somehow send the perfect brother or sister to ease the pain their parents are feeling.  Or maybe we just appreciate what we have so much more because we know how special it is.

    You'll be in my thoughts!



  • I know that I've already sent my best wishes for that special day, but I wanted to send HUGS to you as well!!  


  • Libby - Ugh, I'm sorry I'm a day late on this.  I'm sending lots of hugs your way and hoping Marco had a great party up there with all the other angels!



  • Happy Heavenly Birthday Marco!!

    sending you a big hug dear Libby.......

    Lucia is adorable and wonderful baby, so big..... yes time flies.....

    ah you also look great!


  • Libby- I'm sorry i've missed Marco's birthday.  I just can't believe we've made it to this point in our 'new life'...two years.

    I look back at my pregnancy pictures with Liam and wonder about the happiness i had back naive i was- such a different time.

    I'm so happy Lucia has brought a sense of peace and healing to you and Bruno.  

    Can't wait to meet at SU, see you soon.