Somewhere Over the Rainbow


  • Happy Birthday sweet Lucia!!  I can't believe you are already two?!  It seems just yesterday we were all patiently awaiting your arrival.

    Many hugs Libby!  And hugs to Aunt Lisa.... so special when others recognize the beautiful place the older sibs play in our lives.


  • Happy birthday Lucia! I always love reading your posts, I can really tell what a great mom you are to both of your children. I can't wait to see you again at SU! What a beautiful little girl. :)

  • Muy feliz cumpleaños Lucia!! Already 2? Time is flying.... She truly is a  blessing and a very special girl with a very special mom..

    big hug


  • I was thinking of Lucia on her birthday!  She and Mr. T share such a special day indeed.  Happy turning 2 to Lucia!  She is so adorable Libby and that birthday cupcake looks oh so delicious:)   Can't wait to see you at SU!

  • Aw Libby - I smile and my heart just melts every time I see photos of your girl, and hear her name. Such a precious, beautiful girl. Happy Birthday Lucia!!

    Sending hugs. I wish time would just slow down....all these babies are just growing up too quickly!


  • Happy Belated Birthday to your sweet girl! Those two years totally flew by!

    The bad thing is, as they get older it just seems to go faster...enjoy her being little while it lasts!