Somewhere Over the Rainbow


  • Libby, I have tears reading your post.  You are so strong and graceful.  I am glad to read that you are finding ways to get past the anger.  Marco is so proud of you.  I hope that your husband and sister and healing well and that they return home soon.

    Can't wait to see you,


    P.S.  I'm thinking of you as you relive your countdown.

  • Libby

    I am so glad that your angel and time have given you this new perspective. I am crying reading of those beautiful moments you got to share with Marco.  A lifetime of memories in just 4 hours.  Thinking of you as you once again journey through these weeks.


  • Oh Libby, the sweet and the sour of life, isn't it?  Once  a very nice person told me that bad and good go hand in hand in life, and bad brings the good out, what in church is called, Felix Colpa. I am so glad you had those 4 hours with Marco, and that you have a new perspective...



  • Libby,

      Wow, that is a totally unprofessional way for that doctor to act when she is telling a family such heartbreaking news.  I love the reframe that you've done with this doctor though and found something positive out of it when we have such little to be thankful for in regards to our angels.  So glad that you got those precious four hours with your sweet boy.  Tons of hugs to you!


  • Wow, what a post. So well written! You are amazing!


  • Libby,

    What amazes me is that when the fog clears how much more we can see.   I too have looked back and seen things differently.  Mommy guilt doesnt even begin to describe the feelings I refuse to let myself explore.   I get it.   I am so glad you had a few hours to treasure with Marco and that you have a lifetime to carry him in your heart!  Hugsssssss to you!

  • Amazing the clarity and ability to have new perspective time brings.  What a huge shift... and what a gift it brings.

    Hugs momma,