Somewhere Over the Rainbow


  • Oh Libby, this is such a beautiful post.  Those eggs are so pretty and I love that you get to watch this mama bird tend her babies even before they're born.

    I'm with you in that Marco sent her to you, just a little bit of beauty to brighten your spring.

    So much love coming your way,


  • Such beautiful pictures Libby! And I just love your post!!! This really touched me. I have not ever seen a nest so close either. Its truly amazing how it looks. Nature is so amazing. I hope to that all of those little Belles will be perfectly healthy. Looking forward to seeing when they all hatch!! (((HUGS))) Naul's mom

  • I love this post. The nest is so pretty and it was sweet of you to decide not to use the light.

    Thank you so much. I hope you post pictures of the babies when they hatch.

  • I love this!

    How perfect with Mother's Day approaching!!  A lil' special gift from Marco. :)



  • Love this!  Thank you for sharing!  I have never seen a blue egg before. Marco sure knows how to pick out gifts for his momma!

  • beautiful post, Libby. There is so much love in your heart. I'm happy to call you a friend.