Somewhere Over the Rainbow


  • Oh wow!  I will be keeping your sister in law and Bruno in my thoughts.  That is an important mission, and one that lil' Lucia will always be so proud of her daddy for.

    Keep posted when you can!


  • I will be praying for your family Libby. Hoping everything goes well


  • What an amazing gift Bruno is giving his sister.  I hope that the procedure goes well and that the transplant does the magic this time for your sister-in-law.

    Thinking of you all,


  • I'm so very sorry to hear of your sister-in-law's struggle. I hope that Bruno can help; it's great that he's a match. Lucia has many reasons to be proud of her parents' strength and generosity. Here is one more. Sending healing thoughts.


  • Oh Libby I am so sorry for your SIL, it must be so difficult, but your DH is exceptional doing something for her sister, hope she gets better, and your husband is fine and it is done quickly and successful. That's what are for the families, to be together and helpful in difficult situations, so wonderful that your SIL can count on her brother.



  • Love and prayers to Bruno's sister, to his important mission and to you guys for the strength to get through another challenge~!  xoxo Uncle ~B~

  • Thinking of all of you -- and hoping that Bruno's sister makes a full recovery. I am glad that Bruno was a match for his sister.

    hugs to everyone.


  • I will definitely keep your SIL and Bruno close in my thoughts and prayers.  I am glad that he is a match for her and hope and pray that this one takes for her and is the magic bullet to rid her body of the cancer.


  • Many hugs and prayers sent your way for all involved.



  • Libby, prayers going up!  

    I hope all went well, and Marco is home soon!

    Thinking of you and your family,


  • Very nice post, God Bless all of you, especially Paola.   So glad that everything went ok and am praying that the transplant works.... BTW, have been seeing so many butterflies lately. I always think of Marco when I see one!! xo


  • Libby, I am so sorry that I missed this post.  I will keep your sister-in-law in my closest thoughts and hope for good news.