Somewhere Over the Rainbow


  • Libby I get this....  our rollercoaster was 5 weeks long.  On glad you had a peaceful day with your family.  I hate do many of us have had to travel down this road.  I wish it was different.  But thank you for this post,  for allowing me and others to know we are not alone.  Can't wait to hug ya at SU!


  • I wish you didn't have these kinds of anniversaries, it's just not fair to any parent.  

    I love the picture though and the closeness you share with your sister.  My sister happened to be in town when Kimberly was born and she brought so much strength to me.  Sister's are amazing and I'm glad your's is so special.


  • I too get this... our roller coster of knowing that Jamez had multiple anomalies was 3 weeks. The days when we learned these things will always be in our mind. Glad that your sister was there for you as you were there for her durring your that time. Thanks for sharing the picture so cute. HUGS


  • Libby I can't say i get the abnomalies, but I get the anniversary feelings feelings....hugs.

  • Tons of hugs to you!  It's so hard to relive all these milestone markers week to week even years later.  Some things just stick with you and while you may not remember or notice it every year I bet that from year to year it'll still stick in your mind.  What a sweet picture 3


  • Libby-I read this with tears.



  • Leeb-you were there for me when you were going through probably the darkest time in your life.  YOu are an amazing sister and mom!  Lucia and Marco are so lucky to have you.  I always miss Marco's presence when are kids are playing I think, there should be another little almost 3 year old playing here w/ these children.  I'll never forget how you were there for me despite what you were going through.  You've taught me so much about selfless love.  Marco is especially in my heart these past few weeks as we build up to Sebastian's birthday.  He's on my mind daily-as are you, Bruno and Lucia.  xo Lisa