Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Autopsy Results for Marco

  • Thank you for sharing that picture, he was so precious.

    I am glad that you were able to get some answers. We are all here for you.


  • Such a beautiful picture. Thanks for sharing it. I am glad you have decided to try again. I will pray that the next time goes perfectly. You deserve that.


  • Oh Lib and Bruno, how heartbreaking to see his little picture.  He looks so peaceful in it.  I am so glad you got some answers to your questions and an affirmation of your choices.  Though this door has sadly shut another happier one will open.  I just know next year at this time you will be having much happier things going on for both of you.  

    Thank you for sharing all these difficult thoughts and feelings, I can tell by reading the other posts that so many see you as the wonderful person you and Bruno are.  And, most importantly, that you are both loved very much.  Onward to a new future with new high hopes!  Lots of love, Uncle Brion

  • I'm so sorry for the loss of your precious baby Marco. I know from experience that there will be good days and bad days. It seems that you are handling thing well, i give you a lot of credit I was a total mess after the loss of my Tristan.  I'm glad you were able to obtain some answers from your doctors.  We are here for you


  • What a beautiful picture!  I'm so glad you shared.

    Thinking of you,


  • What a beautiful, sweet picture.

    I am glad that you have gotten some answers and re-affirmation.  The "what if's" can eat you alive.  I am glad that some of them have been crossed out.

    You and Marco are in my thoughts.  I pray you have a peaceful Christmas.



  • thankyou for sharing a photo of your lil Marco...he is glad to hear that you now have some thoughts are always with you..hugs..chantellexx

  • Thank you for sharing your beautiful Marco with us.  



  • What a beautiful and peaceful picture of your little Marco.  So precious.

    My thoughts are with you,


  • Getting the answers your received is hard, especially when there isnt a 'definitive' one. That was the same we had for Ayden.. just possibilities. But I am glad that the what if's are dispelled, and that Marco's experience may benefit others in the future - he has left his mark in science!

    Good luck in trying again, all I can say is try to be as relaxed as you can (it's hard but it worked for me!).

    Take care,


  • What a beautiful, precious picture of Marco.

    I'm so glad you finally got some answers.  I hope you take the doctors words to heart--they are so positive (although I know it's next to impossible to stay positive after all you have been through) I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers--especially as you start trying in January.

    I pray you have a wonderful Christmas.  Remember Marco is watching you from above--he's your little angel.

    Take care,