Somewhere Over the Rainbow


  • How special!!!  That's awesome!  

    I'm glad that Lucia is feeling better after the RSV.  That stuff scares me!!  

    Hugs to you!


  • Libby- so good to hear from you!  and what wonderful pictures.

    I'm glad the baptism went well yesterday.

    RSV- wow, that's scary, and two days in the hospital, sorry you and Libby had to go thru that. She sure is precious!  such a doll.

    take care,


  • Happy Baptism yesterday!  What a very special day for all of you:)  I'm so sorry that she got RSV and I hope she is feeling better.  How are you and she doing with the daycare?  Is it getting easier?  She sure does look happy in those pictures.  She's smiling big and looking up at someone special.

    Happy New Year Libby,


  • I'm glad that Lucia is feeling better. It is so scary to see your babies sick, it sends me in a panic attack.

    She looks so happy in her baptism... Congratulations.


  • Aweeeeee! Such a beautiful baby!!

  • Oh Honey, thank you for posting these beautiful pictures.  I'm sorry to hear you were all sick ~ especially little Lucia but glad everyone is on the mend.  No doubt having some reflective thoughts about Marco and Bruno with him for his baptism.  Life throws us such curve balls sometimes.  But I do believe we come out of it stronger.  So happy you had a good baptism celebration with Lucia.  I'm sure you both are wonderful wonderful parents and that Little Marco looks at both of you with amazing grace~!  xoxo Uncle ~B~ PS: Hoping Lucia likes the music I sent her!

  • I love this post!!!! She is so beautiful!


  • Happy Baptism Lucia!!!  Such a beautiful baby girl. Glad she's feeling better.  



  • Congratulations! She is so beautiful!

    I am so glad that you felt Marco there with you all that day. So sorry that Lucia had RSV, glad that she is feeling better.


  • Many blessings to Lucia and your family.... that's a new "version" of baptism I have never seen in Church, surely we don't do it....glad she enjoyed the day, also your family, I can see the face of the lady in the second pic I assume is your relative....So glad she is better from RSV how scary to spend 2 days in hospital..... and I love her New Year's Eve smile......



  • Lucia is so beautiful!  What great pictures!  



  • Lucia's Baptism was such a joy!  I was thinking a lot about Marco, you and Bruno that day too, and how Marco was Baptized in the presence of his daddy and a priest, such a different experience.  I wish we could have all gathered around him for his Baptism.  He will forever live in you, Bruno and Lucia. I am so grateful that he was able to be Baptized in his short time here.

    Love you!!I love the pics of the Baptism, she is really such a joy!!