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Birth Defects Awareness/Prevention Month: It Happened to Us

  • Your story touched my heart.  i too know what's it's like to say goodbye and to make that most horrible decision. yet we did because we loved them so much.  I am also a worrier by nature yet when i went into the hospital with scott I was not worried I think it was just denial not wanting to believe that there could be something wrong.  Such a positive view you now have with your precious Marco.

  • Libby, tears as I am reading your post. Your Marco must be so proud of his parents and little sister. Your strength both as parents and as a couple and the love you have for both Marco and Lucia, so sweet! Those tender moments as you witnessed love exhale will stay fresh in your mind and heart forever. I am so happy to know that love saved you (both). This journey is so incredibly painful. I feel very much the same way. I am so thankful for the time I carried our angel and to have had him in my life at all if only for a short time.

    Oh no, more tears I have to wipe off the iPAD! Our kids seem to share some similar numbers (and month): Marco and Naethyn with 6 and L and T with 2.

    Huge hugs,


  • Oh Libby,

    Thank you for sharing your story, the story of Marco's life. What a testimony of love.

    I can not imagine what you went through, having to withdraw care and say good bye to him. And I don't know how parents survive such an event. I absolutely love the last sentence of your post, that you'd rather have him as you do now instead of never having him at all.

    You are such a great mom.

    Huge hugs,


  • Libby,

    This is such a touching post. I tell my husband frequently that in my opinion the one thing that defines us as human beings is hope. Hope that there are miracles, hope that the odds will be in our favor, hope for survival. It is what we lived on in the hospital and even though we lost our battle in the end I am thankful for hope.

    Thank you so much for this post and helping to highlight Birth Defect Awareness and Prevention.



  • Libby, you are an amazing woman and mom. So much love is flowing through this post. It's a wonder how any of us have survived the fate of losing our children, but we have. Our angels have brought us gifts and opened up our worlds to possibilities that we never imagined ourselves exploring.

    love, erin

  • So touching reading your story but it's stories such as yours give me the strength I need to try again, loosing your firstborn is not the easiest but thank you for sharing your story, love really do conquers everything.  All the best to you and your family.