Somewhere Over the Rainbow


  • I totally get that attachment to some of the most random items.  They bring you back... connections to a time.

    Isn't it wonderful to realize that both kiddos bring their own unique sense of joy to our lives.

    Hugs momma!


  • Yep, I get those little memories and wanting to hang onto them.  Always nice to find something a little extra you didn't know you had to hang onto their memories.



  • Hi Libby,

    Perhaps that little slip of paper on the floor was Marco's way of showing you just how far you've come. our angels always seem to find a way to reach us. hang onto it.

    hugs to you!


  • Libby,

    Isn't it interesting how the littlest of things takes us right back in time?  I think it could be a sign from Marco too.  Hmm, instead of that brick falling out of your pocket, it was literally a little note this time.  Hope you do add it to one of his boxes:)

    Lots of love,


  • I have things like that stuck in Taylor's memory box as well....  

    I understand your joy of having the short time.  I'm blessed for the 15 hours that we had with her.  

    Hugs to you ---and some extras for Lucia!


  • I like your story, Libby. Another blm I was talking to on Friday said that we will always have the sadness for our lost little ones, but that when we are able to have more, the sadness becomes surrounded by joy. I'm glad you are able to look at reminders of Marco through the bubble of joy Lucia has built around your grief.



  • I love you Leeb.  I think about Marco almost every day, several times a day....and about Lucia too of course!