Somewhere Over the Rainbow


  • It's nice to see an update from you.  There are so many different griefs associated with loss, and they sometimes just creep up on you even when you thought you had them nicely tucked away.  That loss of perfection, hope, and naivete is a real loss.  It's tangible, and I too find it pops up when I see the life we were supposed to have come to fruition for someone else.  

    Hugs momma, I can not believe she is already 10 months- so adorable.  Hope tomorrows appointment goes well.


  • So nice to see you here. It must be bittersweet to see Lucia with Sebastian. Big hugs to you and to sweet Marco in your heart.

    I hope the OB can get you back on track. Who wants their period, but it's weird not to have it when you know it should be there.

    Is working at home cool? I always want to but then I think I wouldn't get anything done!

    Lucia is beautiful, as always. Thanks for the super-cute pics.


  • Libby:

    So nice to hear you are working home, and have more time with Lucia. Oh that sadness... I also came of it with my terms.... is not as it used to be, is like my private feeling, like a way of talking and reaching for my angel..... Lucia is beautiful and so big now, live her pics..... Oh girl, I hope everything is fine, and who can said, hope it is a nice 40 weeks surprise......



  • I mean I liked her pic..:-)

  • She's adorable!!!  I can't believe she's 10 months already!!!!

    I hear ya on the feelings about your friends.....never wish anything on them, but it just makes you feel weird.  I'm totally there every time I welcome another baby into my life.

    Hugs to you as you enjoy that new job arrangement and Miss Priss.


  • Libby, Lucia is so adorable!!!  I love those crawling pics:)  It's good to hear that you are feeling your groove.  I'm glad that you are able to recall those earlier holiday moments while carrying Marco.  No doubt big brother is keeping a watchful eye on his sister:)  I'll be thinking about Lucia as she inches closer to turning 1 (our kiddos share a birthday).



  • Hi Libby- so good to hear from you, and what a doll baby Lucia is!

    i completely get that feeling of seeing the blissfully naive pregnant women...i was hoping that would go away after conceiving again, but i realize it will be with me forever.

    I hope your ob gets your cycle and cervix sorted out.  Did you have any complications after Lucia or Marco's births?  I've had the sonohysterogram done myself.

    that's soooooo great your able to work from home, and only 32 hrs!!!!  not sure what our plans are going to be, but i really really want to stay home with Bella, and maybe these new babies.....we'll see.

    talk to you later,


  • Lucia is so cute:)... She has the best smile I love it. It must be so nice to work from home and less hours of course. I am in the same boat with the period... Not like anyone really enjoys theirs but it's nice to know your body is working. I have been on progesterone for two months and I finally got one after 14 months!! They found that my hormones are out of whack. I hope they are able to figure it out


  • Libby,

    Lucia is gorgeous! She looks like such a happy baby.

    I'm sure that being around Sebastian is a constant reminder of what should have been for you and Bruno with Marco. I see twin boys -- or any five year old little boys ... and I wonder. I don't think we'll ever stop.

    As for not getting your period yet -- are you still nursing? If you are -- then it's completely normal not to have a period yet. With Kaelin -- she was 14 months old before mine came back. Not sure what it will be with Kelsey once I wean her later this year. I kind of like not having one! :)


  • Fertility,  of my many prayers for you and your family. xo Lisa