Somewhere Over the Rainbow


  • I've lost all exercising motivation too!  I can't tell you when I last did something....other than wrestling with my nephew earlier today.  It doesn't make me feel great, but I just have nothing to make me want to get up and get moving.  Hopefully, like you said, the spring temps and beautiful days will help bring that motivation.


  • Deep breaths......

    Yoga is so amazing.  Not only with the sweat, but I fee like I purge so much when I do a class.  Ahhhh.....yes, yes - I vote more yoga.  

    Lots of baby dust to you too -- we have to believe - really that is all we have.

    Thanking of you-


    p.s. Oh, and to get you out running.  Let me know when you go again and how far - sometimes when you have to answer to someone it helps get me out the door......  :) Exercise is sooooooooooo what we all need to be doing right now -- so many good endorphins.

  • Oh Sweetheart, you just made my soul smile with this post.  Exercise will make you healthier ~ hence help your pregnancy!  Sweat, sweat, sweat!!  I'm sure Marco is looking down on you with a smile.  I imagine he wants you to think of him and be happy.  Spring with the Spring!  Uncle ~B~

  • Yoga and running are exactly what I threw myself into after I lost my daughter in December of 2007.  It was fantastic therapy!  Although it took me quite a long time to conceive, I know I helped myself physically and emotionally while we were trying.

    I wish you luck...exercising and trying to conceive!

    Take care,


  • Exercise is good for the soul, mind, and body.  I am so happy that it seems to help!  Keep it up.  I agree with helps to have to answer to someone.  SWEAT SWEAT SWEAT!!!  :)


  • is the running going?  Thanks for writing on my blog.  I got a big smile when I saw that you did.  Where do you live?  Los Angeles by any chance?  I know you don't with talk of snow -- but it would just be nice to find a SHARE friend down the street.  The support I have found on this site has helped me sooooooooooo much.  Take care and get out there.