Somewhere Over the Rainbow


  • Sisters are amazing.  I will be keeping you both and your  sweet Marco in my thoughts.  He holds a special place in my, and so many on Share's hearts.



  • The days leading up to loss are tough.   Thinking of you during your tough days.   Love and hugs as you walk these few days remembering Marco.


  • It's really a wonderful thing that you and your sister have been able to support each other through and through. I remember you sharing about the traveling necklace that you all took turns wearing:) I'm thinking about you and your precious Marco. I know what you mean about not totally looking forward to this time, but that it makes you feel closer to the one growing up in Heaven.

    Love the sweet pics of your girls. A belated Happy Birthday to Lucia as well:)



  • this is such an honest and beautiful story. My own sister was 9 months pregnant when she came to the hospital to take care of me when my daughter was born at 25 weeks. She had her son exactly 1 week later. Those sister/cousin bonds are incredible. Thank you for giving me renewed appreciation of mine. I'm thinking of Marco and sending hugs to your sweet rainbow girls!

  • Thinking of you as you remember Marco. Love the pix of the girls.


  • I bring you lots of love and many hugs as you walk through these next 13 days remembering your sweet Marco. I feel blessed to know your precious boy.  I offer the same to your sister. I imagine this is a hard time for her too.... sisters love together and hurt together. I suppose part of me likes to think that Sebastian and Marco have a bond maybe we don't even realize yet.

    And I just love your beautiful Rainbows! Just seeing those sweet faces brings a smile to mine.

    Love and hugs my friend,


  • Lots of love and hugs your way as your remember Marco. Thank you for sharing this beautiful story of you and your sister. Its a testament to your relationship and your love for each other that you could support each other unconditionally. Wishing you peace.

    Love and Hugs


  • Just sending all the love to you.