Somewhere Over the Rainbow


  • All the ones here say "Expectant Moms"....I'm definately not that and by the time I was big enough to really need it, I was on hospital bedrest.  I know how you feel just wishing that you didn't have to justify parking in a given parking spot.  


  • I haven't seen any of those parking spots, but I am glad that you parked there today, you deserve it!  It's the simplest of things that we miss the most I think.  Being able to park in a spot that we should be able to legitimately be able to park in now, being able to answer the question "do you have children?" without having to think about how best to answer, something that we should even have to think twice about.  Doing anything without our precious babies just isn't right.  Hugs!


  • I am so sorry you had such a painful reminder today.  I am, however, glad you parked there anyway.  I have done that before.  



  • When ever I have seen the parking for expectant mothers, I have always said that, since I had 12 pregnancies (10 ended in miscarriage) I should be granted lifetime previdges to park there, but I never have.

    I am sorry. I am sure that reminder of your loss was upsetting.


  • Oops, meant to chnge that to "lifetime permission to park there." ;)


  • Libby-

    You go girl!!  Yes - yes.  Every single inch of you deserves to park there.  Every part of you has proven that you are a wonderful mother.  You have been sent to the "angelmom club", but you give me so much strength when I read your blogs.  Your words say it just right and for that I thank you.  

    Yes - park there.  


  • I am so sorry that you had to pull in to that particular spot. Yes, you are a mom and always will be.


  • Leeb,

    I'm glad you parked there.  You deserve it!!  

    Love you