Somewhere Over the Rainbow


  • Your husband is so insightful!  What a unique way to look at things... and so true and ironic that he elevator malfunctioned!!

    I'm sorry that AF decided to show, you are right though, perhaps it does signal things getting back on track ready for another lil' one...

    Thinking of you,


  • I smiled at your last few lines.  I love that you wrote that line of hope and dancing at the end.  Even if you dont fully believe it right now, you still wrote it.  I like that.  And then a sweet goodnight to your Marco.  It just all had a sweet hopefullness peeking through the saddness and frustration of all of this.  Thanks for posting :)


  • What a great analogy. Thank for sharing.


  • So true, such a perfect analogy.  I wish for us all to be getting of at the right floor quickly with no unwanted stopoffs!  So sorry AF decided to show herself, it's so hard seeing that confirmation month after month of what you have lost.  Thinking of you.


  • I'd never thought of it that way, but he's right.....  I'll never ride another elevator again without thinking of that and the stops that my life has made along the way that were so unexpected.