Somewhere Over the Rainbow


  • Libby -

    That was awesome.  Thank you for your words.  I really would love to meet you someday.  I read your posts and get so much from them.  Thank you.  It's just helpful to know that someone else out there is on the same roller coaster.

    I was thinking today that I wonder how much more insightful we are after what we have been through.  It's almost like I have been given another lense to look at life.  I see people differently.  I live differently.  

    I am glad that you are getting out of that ditch.  I hated the ditch.  

    Hugs to you.


  • Libby,

       Thank you so much for sharing your sisters email with us.  I'm so glad that the ditch is getting smaller for you, that you're able to see the pretty things in life easier now.  It's so tough just to have faith and believe that things will align for us when we want so badly to have a baby to hold in our arms.  I'm struggling to find peace with my body as well, and this week I think I'm starting to get some level of it.  Thinking of you and your little Marco as always. :)


  • This was beautiful Lib.  I so happy you are surrounded by love and support.  I hope you know it's with you in everyone you know.  Love you lots honey...

  • What a good sister you have! How could she be so right?

    Thanks for sharing her very appropriate image with us.


  • I love you Libby, you are so strong.  With every day that you live life, with every blog that you post, every day that you get out of bed and go about your business, are filling in that ditch and making it smaller.  Bit by bit, hour by hour.  It is hard work I am sure, the most painful work you have had to do in your life.  We are all here for you and I hope that our love and support gives you the strength to move toward the light and out of the darkness.   Those words about the ditch and the hideous beast were from the heart, I try to walk in your shoes the best I can, to mourn with you.  Marco touched my life.  The way you you mothered him when he was in your womb and after he was born taught me some important things.   I miss you little Marco and I wish you were here....


  • Eventually is so appropriate, because it will happen. We cannot lose hope...because at the end of the day, that is all that is left.

    Always have faith!