Somewhere Over the Rainbow


  • First... there are totally egg holder display thingies.  The egg can be on display year round no worries. :)

    I totally get your sadness... it is sad.. in every facet.  Most sad the random things that just take so much more of every part of you.  No action is simple after loss.  Each carries such weight.



  • Check out I would have pasted the link but it keeps not working for some reason. My mom has all these Ukranian Easter eggs and I know she has bought beautiful egg holders there.

    All for feeling sad. I get it, it is complex... Too complex. I am always missing Baron, but some days are worse than others. And I feel so blessed to have Gigi but I worry if I will project that she is not enough on her. Or will she think I loved Baron more...

    None of it is fair and it's so hard to wrap your head around grief.

    I hope you find a beautiful holder that can display Marco's egg


  • I know what you mean by those sad days.  The holidays are especially difficult I know.  I hope that you are able to find a special holder, so that you can keep that egg safe, and feel comfortable displaying it all year long.  This will be a very special holiday for you, Bruno, and Lucia.  I hope that you will find more ways to celebrate as you continue to navigate and integrate:)

    Lots of love,


  • I wish there was a way to take the pain away. Just know that we are always here for you.


  • Holidays are sad moments..... Specially when you see all that is missing in the holidays......I used to try to avoid the "happiness" of the time, but with S I learnt that even though sometimes I am sad, I have someone else to be happy for, I mean I didn't want my kid to have sad holidays because of me, so I try to make my best effort and cheer up for him, having other child is like a safeguard that keep us afloat, and I am sure Marco sent you Lucia  to cheer you up.....hope you find a nice egg holder and know that Marco is with you and your family everytime because he is in your heart always.....

    Sending you big hugs, and thinking of you


  • Girl....leave that egg out if you want.....those who know you will totally understand and those who don't get the opportunity to hear about your amazing little man!!  The holidays are tough for me too....even 8 years later.  Taylor is a huge part of our daily lives in spirit, but as you understand, I wish she was here physically too.

    Hugs to you and that precious little girl!


  • Libby- I say leave Marco's egg out! :)

    Lately I've been reflecting on my grieving, my transformation over the last 2.5 years.  It's such a dynamic thing; and it's so hard to believe where I'm at now in this grieving process when i think about where i came from....back in the beginning, back when everything was so bleak.

    At my support group's tree lighting ceremony last week i was struck when an older couple came forward to place their ornament on the tree.  they had to be in their seventy's- it made me sad to think that in 40 years i'll still be a mother who lost her also made me reflect on what my grieving will become when i'm 70.

    I hope Lucia brings light to your christmas this year.  Take care,