Somewhere Over the Rainbow


  • She is Soooo cute, I love all the hair:).

    I'm glad you got over the breastfeeding blues...they really do suck. I took reglan and it did nothing but the important thing is you have made peace with it, and I'm glad you still do comfort nursing. I still do with Gigi and I find it is the best way to calm her when she is fussy.

    It's crazy, how slow a pregnancy goes compared to how fast they grow. It makes me sad some days but you are so right, There is allot of healing that comes from having a baby, they change so fast:).

    I think I used a wrap till about 3.5/4 months and then she started to have her own interest in toys that would occupy her so I could get some things showering.

    I feel the same way... I don't want people to forget about Baron now that gabrielle is here... It's hard but David and I try to do little things just for him.

    Congrats again Libby, she is beautiful

  • Libby!  So glad to read an update from you:)  No doubt you are super busy with little Lucia.  I know, showering, what's that?  She is so cute and I love her little onesies!  So glad that you are feeling better about a few things.  So many emotions and hormones going on, it's crazy!  I think that's what all angel moms want - for others to remember the angels forever in their lives.  I'm so with you there.  I am so happy that Lucia is bringing you and hubby so many smiles.  No doubt your Marco is watching over her for sure:)



  • Libby she is absolutely beautiful. You will never forget Marco...he will always be in your heart and her big brother.



  • What a doll!!! Marco will never be forgotten, he will always live on through Lucia! Miss you!


  • Now that's a smile that will melt your heart!!!  Such a cutie!!!  I'm so glad that everything is going well for you and sweet Lucia!  I'm sure she'll never let anyone forget her big brother!!

    Hugs to you!


  • Lucia is really cute!! I am glad that things are working with you and Lucia with the breastfeeding isues and you found something that works for you two. Marco will aways be remembered.


  • Oh Libby, Lucia is so beautiful! and so big already, glad your nursing blues are gone, besides as I said it is not a competition, and no one is judging you, do all that you feel is right for you and Lucia, and don't care what anyone else have to say, you are a great mother, and maternity has to be enjoy.

    Marco will be never be forgotten, he lives in you and the ones that have  the privilege to know you and share your story.

    Big hug


  • She is adorable!!!!

    I am glad you found something that works for you and Lucia...Thats all that really matters :)

    She is just the cutest thing - look at all that hair!!!!


  • AWESOME!!  GORGEOUS!!!  Hmmm..........Evan and Lucia??  Ahhh mom!!!   Just kidding.  Glad to hear you are doing well.  I can't wait to see you at SHARE!!!  I want to do a photo-shoot with your cutie too.  She has changed so much---it really happens WAY TOO FAST!!  

    Sending you a hug and Lucia a squeeze.

    Talk to you soon.