Somewhere Over the Rainbow


  • Libby:

    So glad you are running and enjoying it... And had made new friends.  Yes I know what you mean trying to find your Jessica in you... That is so good you are trying to be positive, by the way I think you are a very good nature and positive person.  sometimes I think our experiences  make it harder than people think and somehow I think it is in our own nature. I know that  type of person you describe, Jessica. My sister is just like that, so positive, so naive in a way, and ppl just like her and feel the need to be with her, even my children love her in a way sometimes I feel jealous... but I also need her in my life. Sometimes I wonder that, if somehow due to my own not so positive character things happen to me?

    Sending you  positive vibes (((())))))  and good luck in your marathon...



  • I am so happy that you have found an activity that gives you some peace and time to reflect on your beautiful Marco. As for your inner Jessica I can completely understand this feeling. There were so many things I felt like I didn't want to lose about myself after Arianna died. It seemed like everything about who I was was changing and I just wanted to hold onto a few things that made me me. I hope that as you complete your half marathon you get a little closer to finding your inner Jessica.



  • Libby,

    For what my opinion is worth, I think you are extremely positive. Of course, I didn't know you before 2009.  

    I know the feelings you talk about, the fear of having been through so much that you can become too rough and not get your optimism back.  And yes, I know that feeling of wondering if your future happiness is based on your ability to have another child or not. Thank goodness for Share or we may all feel like we were the only ones like this!

    I know several women who have found running to be so therapeutic, I am so proud that you are training to run a half-marathon, yay! I want to start running asap, I'm waiting for the treadmill to be delivered. The only time I have to run is after 9pm when the kids are asleep, so I am staying safe and running inside, even though it won't be in nature.

    I'm glad that you're working to find your inner Jessica and that the running is helping. You are an inspiration.

    Huge hugs,