Somewhere Over the Rainbow


  • That is beautiful.  It brought tears to my eyes.  I'm sure Marco will always be feeling the love of his wonderful parents and keeps in his heart the love he felt during the time he was here with you.


  • I am sure he felt and still feels all the love you have for him.  All he ever knew was your love for him.  Thinking of you.


  • Thinking of you...


  • I am sure Marco knew you loved him. You gave him all you could. No one could ask for more than that.



  • Libby

    that was a beautiful blog. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. When we had our appointment with the peri a couple of months ago, he aluded to the fact that Zachary probably would have had issues if he would have survived. I found some peace in this information because I would want Zach to have the same quality of life as me and my husband.

    None of this makes sense, but I find it interesting in how we all come to terms and begin to accept it. It's been 7 months. What a road we are all on.

    Thank you for blogging and your comments on my blog. You are helping me get through this.



  • What a beautiful post.... I remember having the same conversations with my little girl... telling her no matter what she was ours.  Being told your child has "anomalies" is one of the hardest things to hear.  

    Many hugs,