Somewhere Over the Rainbow


  • I can imagine how frustrating this must be.  It's hard to see others with what you find most precious after what has happened.  

    I'm not sure how I missed it, but I love the pics of the walk and am glad that you were able to honor little Marco with your strength.  


  • Patience. Yes...yes. Around every turn I feel that I am always understanding the lesson of patience. I shouldn't say understanding .....probably fighting through it is more like it.

    I read a blog in the beginning of my journey that said that looking back she was glad that it had taken them awhile to get pregnant again. That the time she had before she started the challenge of being pregnant again that she had worked through so much.

    That makes sense to me now. It has been almost 9 months since I last held zach and at this point I can say that I am thankful for this time.

    Hang in there Libby. I totally understand and hear your frusteration. Someday you will be able to write a post and says that in the end it all worked out....



  • I hope that you will have your good news soon.  Parents who've never experienced this just don't get it.  They can only offer up a few choice words that somehow make us want to scream even more.  I'm learning to not be too hard on others.  On myself, well, that's a different story.  I'm so glad that you did the MOD walk.  We walked as well last weekend and while sad, it makes me feel as though I am helping.  I know that our sons would be proud of us:)  I really liked your sign that you made.  It was very special.

    Best of luck,


  • I'm with you Libby!  Everyone but me and one other girl on a TTC after loss board that came on the same time has moved on after getting pregnant, and there I am still stuck!  WOW, 53 days is definitely a long cycle!  Did you have problems with this before you lost little Marco or is it just since?  I hated that when I was TTC before, I woudl go anywhere from 3 all the way up to 14 (only one time) weeks between cycles, and it was like, come on already just let me be pregnant or start my period don't just leave me hanging!  I've been seeing all the kids out too and just wishing that that will be me with my kids someday soon.  Keeping you in my thoughts and sending you strength!


  • Hi Sweetheart,  I'm sorry it's been so frustrating for you.  I'm sure it will happen when the time is right for your body.  My friend Rob and his wife had trouble getting pregnant.  She is 41 and the docs told her she only had a 5% chance of getting pregnant.  After trying many things that did not work (she wanted to avoid hormone treatment) she went on a holistic diet and walla - she got pregnant.  I don't know if that would work for you or not but thought it might be worth mentioning.  Should you want to get in touch with her just let me know.  Meanwhile - I hope you can just take care of yourself - physically and mentally.  You've been through a lot and are still recovering.  As always, I send all my love to you, Bruno and Marco.  ~Uncle B~