Somewhere Over the Rainbow


  • Libby-

    I held back the tears as i read your entry, and smiled as i read the butterfly ending :)

    I completely understand about the time thing...where has it gone...and with every breath, our babies seem further and further away from us.

    have a wonderful time at the SU! it sure has come at a perfect time for you!


  • Libby~

    I can't wait to meet you here in a few days!  I, too, often think back to both my first pregnancy and my bedrest days with longing.  Such bittersweet memories.



  • Leeb,

    A beautiful, sad and hopeful blog-entry.....I'm so glad you are going to Share Union.

    Love you,


  • It was nice to meet you at Share. I hope this year proves to be healing as more butterflies visit and your angel sends you winks from above....

  • Libby, I am thinking of you, Bruno and Marco in a very special way today.

    I love you,


  • Libby-

    I am so glad that I met you at SU 2010!  I want you to know that I was thinking of you, your hubby, and little Marco and holding your hand from a distance.  I know last week was his angelversary.  I have tears as I read your last blog entry.  I can replay those moments back too and I don't know where the time went either.  I hope that you two were able to celebrate him on his day and spend some quiet time together.  I hope that more butterflies will visit you in the near future.