Somewhere Over the Rainbow


  • Oh momma- gosh did this strike a chord.    You put into words the underlying anxiety I've been feeling with how quickly the days are passing so beautifully.  How can these days we waited so long for be gone so quickly?



  • Oh Libby, this is such a beautiful, sweet post.  Olivia sucked her thumb (and yes, pulled her hair out) until she was about four and a half.   I didn't even notice when she stopped.  Like you said, I was just so caught up in day to day life that one day I realized she hadn't sucked her thumb in weeks.  And that was that.  And yes, it was bittersweet.

    So much love to you,


  • Recognizing those "lasts" in the moment....heartbreaking but achingly sweet. They do grow up, too quickly. Cherish the lasts, and the firsts.

    Hugs and much love,


  • I totally feel you on the thumb sucking! Now that Abbey is 7 its a very serious issue as her teachers in kindergarten began having issues with it last year and 1st grade is pretty adamant that it stops completely. I began the process when she was 4 and it still pops in there every now and again..mostly when she is tired. I look at her older pictures of baby and toddler hood and I can't get over how cute it was... Now she can get dressed completely on her own, brush her teeth on her own,pack her snack for school.... I want her to do these things but wow does it hurt a little as she gets older and more mature.

    Love and Hugs


  • the days passing quickly have been on my mind so much lately...if only we could slow it down some.  I try to remember as well at bedtime every night when I'm ready to just get him tucked in so I can go do stuff that it won't last forever...hugs. Nicki

  • Oh what a cute picture of Lucia! she is a doll.  So true,  it is so sad when babies grow up, but as you said in each new stage there are some new fun things, even in  their teens years (not so many, but still one or two  fun things). The worst part for me was when they ask you that they can do it on their own, which is great but still the feeling of crushed piece of the heart. Glad to know Anabelle and Lucia are doing great!

    big hug


  • The sweetness in that picture is just too much. I too am grasping at the notion of time going by far to quickly. I miss my thumb-sucking baby (Ian) as well as my paci-loving babies (H, R &W). Life marches on....or should I races on. Soak it all in.... every last moment.

    P.S. Ian sucked his thumb until he was 9... only at bedtime, when he had his "Woofy".

    Maybe Bruno won't notice if she sucks her thumb a wee bit longer. ;-)

    Hugs and Love!