Somewhere Over the Rainbow


  • Libby-

    Happy sweet birthday to Marco, a day I think all of us on Share remember with an ache.  It doesn't sound bad that it snuck up on you this year at all... I think that is sometimes the brain protecting the heart from fully feeling the gravity of the days.

    Keeping you in my thoughts,


  • Happy belated birthday to your sweet Marco.  I just can't believe our little ones are already three years gone, it just doesn't seem possible.  Any little disappointment on such special days is so hard to cope with, I'm glad that it ended up being a peaceful day for you though.  I think it's ok that it snuck up on you this year too.  Tons of hugs.


  • Libby:

    Happy heavenly belated birthday to Marco... I am so sorry the day was not as planned, but at least you were together, remembering him... Sometimes no matter how we plan and plan a special anniversary for our angels the day turns not as planned...But hey Lucia enjoyed the day as I am sure Marco would have enjoyed it...



  • Happy heavenly birthday Marco!!

    Libby, I cried a reading this.  I'm so glad Lucia had a good day.

    Prayers for you, Bruno, and Lucia,


  • Happy Birthday to your sweet Marco.  Oh Libby, so many tears reading your post.  I'm glad to know that you were able to do the 100 yard dash with Lucia.  Sounds like she had a blast!  Your thoughts and prayers for your angel are very touching.

    Sending you love,


  • This made me cry, too. So much frustration and pain even after so much time has passed. Will our hearts ever be healed? I'm glad that you were able to enjoy some of the day with Lucia and that you and Bruno had that time together in the evening.