Somewhere Over the Rainbow


  • Ok seriously, yesterday, yes yesterday of all days, out of the blue I went searching for your blog because your family was on my mind so.  Maybe Akeelah and Marco were in cahoots yesterday ;)

    This is a huge milestone.  I'm so thankful to hear that things are going well.  Keep us posted when you can momma!


  • Congratulations! Im so glad you are getting to enjoy your pregnancy. You will have your little foot in your arms in no time, but of course hopefully not too soon :)

  • So good to hear from you, Libby. I've been thinking about you and Little Foot. So exciting to have a due date! I hope all continues to go well. Don't worry about what does and doesn't get done. LF will have a mommy and daddy who love and cherish her/him and as long as you have a couple of diapers, that will be enough. I hope your shower is exactly what you want it to be.

    Big hugs,


  • Wonderful that you passed that milestone.  Wow, how exciting that you have a for sure end date in sight!  Like Shannon said, don't stress about getting everything done, little foot will have everything that is needed in such a wonderful mommy!  Big hugs coming your way!


  • Libby! Congrats on 29 weeks. :) I'm right behind you girl!

    Everything you have mentioned in your post is exactly how I feel, the nursery and the feelings toward the shower. And the biggest one is when people say the comment about it being a long summer because we're preggo...doesn't really matter to me, nothing even  compares to last summer without Jay, Morgan, and Marco.

    So good to hear from you and so, so happy you are LF are doing well!



  • Congratulations on 29 weeks!  I am so glad to read a post from you.  You've been on my mind A LOT.  I was pregnant during the hot summer with #2 and it ain't no thang, when you're just happy to hit a milestone.  Mine was week 32.  Any month is a great month to have a baby and LF will sneak in right before that school cut off date (not important now I know).  Have a wonderful sono next week and enjoy yourself at LF baby shower.

    Wishing you all the best,


  • Woohoo for you and Little Foot!!!!  I think about your cute little preggo self often and wonder how things are going.  I'm so glad to see an update.  Enjoy your shower and all the love that is in the room surrounding you.

    Hugs to you!


  • Hooray for passing that milestone and it's so exciting you now know little foots birthday. I know the feeling of apprehension with the nursery. Gabrielles really was not complete till the last minute but I say complete it when your ready. I'm happy your having a shower as well. I'm sure you will start off with mixed emotions but it will be nice to look back at the photos and remember your special day. I'm so excited and can't wait for the post that says he/she is here. I know you will love every moment. It really is the most amazing blessing and I try to never take any day with her for granted

  • Libby-

    Congrats on reaching this milestone, i know it must have been looming over you for the last 29 now you can take the deep breath!!!  I can't believe how close August 5 is, just around the corner- amazing!

    I guess the baby shower has come and went- i hope it was everything you were hoping it to be!

    Good luck at the ultrasound tomorrow.

    thinking of you.