Somewhere Over the Rainbow


  • CONGRATTS for little foot. I would be the same exact way like um can you be real exact on that heart beat. Just know that you're an inspiration and make sure you celebrate today! :)

  • Great news! Let's hope that LF and guardian angel Marco continue to make it as easy as possible for you to have peace of mind. And that Benni and Sammi do their part too.



  • That's great news!!  Thanks for the updates!


  • Such great news- isn't hearing the heartbeat so wonderful! :)


  • Hi Libby,

    Glad to hear that Little Foot's heartbeat was so strong. The sound is truly wonderful -- and seeing baby for ourselves on u/s .... even better!

    Sorry to hear about your jumping dogs! Although I don't have any of those -- I have a kicking toddler ... who kicked me in the abdomen accidentally at bath time. I scolded her ... but she's too young to understand what's going on.

    I'm proud of you for taking the leap and purchasing maternity clothes and bras. When I was pregnant with Kaelin -- I put it off until the last possible moment when I absolutely couldn't fit into my regular clothes. I just didn't want to deal with it. First time into the store was hard ... but then it got easier.

    My nursing bra of choice was gilligan & O'malley. Target carries them -- they are nursing tanks. Super comfy ... I lived in them. Can even wear them as a tank top with shorts in the summer ... can't tell the difference.


  • I am happy to hear that all went well with your appointment:)  Exhale . . .