Somewhere Over the Rainbow


  • Thanks for sharing this with us Libby.  I also get that little twinge whenever I give my "two boys" answer, but it kind of works for me.  The thing I haven't yet gotten comfortable with is when someone follows up with "are you going to try for a girl?"   Then I really feel like I'm leaving my Randi out by not sharing her, but if I share the short version or try to "put icing on it" I just feel worse.  

    Thanks for reminding me that it's ok to give the answer that feels right.  That we don't dishonor our angels by doing so.  


  • So well written and I could related to it all...and I hate how we end up trying to comfort the person who ask...what I find hard are the situations like in a new school setting where they are more than strangers but not someone  you really to answer. I feel I need to share Scott because Colin could very well share him to their children but I find certain moms just aren't receptive to my story and it ends up making me feel like an outsider.  I too wanted everyone to ask that first year, I wanted to stand on mountains tops and shout his story.

  • Libby, thank you for sharing this post. It brings me back to Gigi, one of the speakers at SU. She talked about these situations and how to go about navigating these innocent questions and conversations. I have to remind myself that I am not obligated to share and it's okay to say that I don't really feel comfortable sharing or quickly change the conversation to something else. I know what you mean about having to make that quick decision about whether to share and how much to share. And then there's the guilt of not mentioning our angels. I usually say that I have 2 of 3 to see if the person is actually paying attention. I have gotten the question about trying for a third (a girl) as well. Hurts.

    Thanks for bringing up this topic as it comes up a lot.  

    Big hugs,


  • This is a beautiful post, Libby.  I love that you give yourself (and anyone reading) permission to change their story to fit the day, the circumstances, yes, even the weather.  Marco is yours to share if you choose, but he's also yours to hold tight, to protect, to love forever in your heart.

    So much love coming your way,


  • Beautifully written, Libby. My heart aches too when I have to leave out Ethan and Casey -- but I'm just not prepared to share with some folks. Thank you for writing and sharing this piece.