Somewhere Over the Rainbow


  • I'm so sorry you're having to do all of this.  I'm sure it is hard switching back to clothes from the season you were pregnant.  It's the same here year round so I never had to make that transition myself.  What a beautiful picture of your little guy, thank you for sharing it!  Oh, I love the flowering tree too, it's absoloutely beautiful!!  Thinking of you.


  • Your post brought me to tears.  I love how our little ones find us at the most important and meaningful times.  I love that sonogram picture!!

    That is the most beautiful tree too!  What kind is it?  I just love it.


  • I'm so glad that finding Marco's picture was a blessing rather than being upsetting. I hadn't thought about the anniversary of finding out that you were expecting. It must be a challenging day for you.

    Thank you for sharing Marco's u/s picture. It's a beautiful image. The tree is lovely, too. Flowers help the mood.


  • Marco is gorgeous.  

    Deep breath.

    One day at a time.

    Hope for the future.


  • I'm so happy that Marco gave you that gift on a day when he thought you might need it!  What a beautiful picture.  The tree is gorgeous too!  Thank you for sharing.  Take care of yourself!


  • What a sweet pic!!  You're matter what the drs. say, it's still your precious little boy!  I cherish the sono pics of my daughter as well.  

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts today.


  • such a sweet pic of your beautiful  marco...i so love to hear about all the special signs parents recieve from their angels...he was letting you know he is always there with you and he always will be...i know each time im finding it hard to cope or it is one of my angels special dates there is always a sign...usually a sweet the beautiful tree too...thankyou for sharing ..hugs xx

  • What a great photo of Marco, in-utero, and a beautiful tree.  I like how you posted both of them.  My little nephew, how I would love to hold your sweet little hand and make you smile, tickle you under your chin, feed you a bottle!!  Thank you for posting your private thoughts, feelings and the pictures.  I love you.

  • That's such a sweet surprise on such a memorable day.  It's strange how those things pop up on very specifc days.  It's a good sign I think.  It's interesting that you mention ultrasound pics.  I was doing a few more pages in Naethyn's album and all the ultrasound pic just fell out.  I haven't worked on his album in months and then they were all over the place.  It's kind of weird to see pics of your own son inside you knowing that at one point, he was alive.  It makes it real all over again, but I need to be reminded of that.  This all really happened.  I guess that's the part about time that I don't like.  The more time passes, the less real it kind of seems for me.  I hope to finish his baby album soon so that I can look at everything whenever I need to.

    It's seems gorgeous where you are.  Things are in bloom here as well, but it's going to get really hot soon and I'm not a fan of the AZ heat.