Somewhere Over the Rainbow


  • Oh my gosh Libby she is so precious!!!!  Just beautiful.  I love that she's falling sleep to Marco's favorite song (and um amazed that your lil' one just falls asleep so peacefully!!).  The siblings know their bigs, they just do.

    Hugs momma,


  • Libby it's so good to hear from you again!  

    Lucia is so adorable!  I love her little outfit!

    Take care,


  • Libby, I am so glad to hear that you are able to work from home and have more time to do what you need and be with Lucia.  She's adorable by the way:)  Super sweet that she falls asleep to Marco's song.  I'm telling you, somehow, they just know.

    I think it's a huge step that you've decided to bury Marco's ashes.  I was just thinking about that very thing last night in fact.  Hoping you maintain that peace as that day draws near.  

    Lots of love,


  • Libby -

    Okay, Lucia's shoes are as adorable as she is! lol What a precious little girl. She knows her brother and he is watching over her.



  • Lucia is so adorable! She is very aware that her big brother is keeping his eye on her!


  • She's so sweet, I love the outfit too, and of course the thumb sucking, adorable!!  So glad that you've found a way to work from home so you can get some more time with your precious little girl!  I'm sure that it's hard to even think of being separated from Marco.  In some ways I would love to have a place that I could go visit the girls, but knowing that that place could not follow us around wherever we move keeps me from actually doing it.  Many hugs.


  • Oh Honey ~ It must be hard to part with the ashes, but you are so right that ~ it is not his soul.  And, how wonderful to have a place you'll always visit.  Lucia is an absolute doll ~ especially her thumb sucking picture!  How beautiful that she falls asleep to the song you think of Marco (and the music I mixed for her!)  I bet he's waiting until she snoozes away to spend time with his sister.  Thinking of you with lots of love ~ so happy you can get some time at home with her!

  • Libby:

    Lucia is such a beautiful baby, and I agree with Donna, I love her shoes, they are Spaniard shoes, called " Alpargatas".....

    They say there are no coincidences in life, probably Marco is with her.... I must say it is a very personal decision to make, to part with Marco's ashes, but I think it is  a step forward.... many hugs to you and Lucia


  • I love you Leeb and think about Marco often.  Hugs-Lisa