Somewhere Over the Rainbow


  • Balance.  So hard to find.  I imagine us all on a tight-rope.  Trying to get across this unknown territory that we have suddenly been thrown into.  I don't know anything, but I think you are on the right track.  I think that finding a hobby - finding your balance will really help you during this tough and challenging time.

    Thinking of you.


  • I'm so sorry you had to deal with a situation where someone was not aware of your sadness.  It's so hard to go through those, but it sounds like you handled it beautifully.  

    Congrats on the snow!  We got 4" yesterday ourselves which is a TON for Georgia!!  It's so beautiful and I'm sure my little angel was jumping up and down and clapping with joy as God allowed the snow to fall on us!


  • Sorry about the phone call, not something anyone needs.

    I hope you find a new hobby you enjoy. I have so hobbies, if I lived forever, I would still have something to do.

    I had 12 pregnancies trying to have my two kids. I think I should have bought stock in pregnancy tests!


  • we had a big snow storm in NYC, Staten Island got hit hard and when i went outside it reminded me of your pictures and I couldn't help but smile, I thought of you and Marco.



  • Hi

    I've read your blog and caught up a bit on your story. The Hospitalized and confused title got me. I was in the hospital for 9 weeks on bedrest.  I can completely relate on the wondering how a normal pregnancy could be.  Forever jaded.  That sounds about perfect.  I am so sorry about the loss of your precious Marco. And I'm hoping that  the pregnancy dust hits you soon:)