Somewhere Over the Rainbow


  • Hugs to you....  I have that feeling of "wanting" to move forward and be happy with what life is right now, but for somewhat different reasons.  I have such a hard time on not focusing on my problems and focusing on the good things in life.  I'm sending hugs to you as you try to find out how to do that.


  • Libby

    So sorry for what you are going throu, I know that feeling, we wanted desesperatly a baby after Antonella, and we waited and suffer for almost 7 years, until I said to my DH that is enough I am not going to keep my life like this, we were even discussing adoption.... but I was scare that having a child of my own it would be unfair to the other child, don´t know if you make some kind of difference between them. So I stop worrying, we were even planning the vasectomy, and bum I got pregnant with Valentina. So in a way I think life can not be planned the way we want, you have to let flow take you, not swim against it, the right moment will come, keep hope.....

    big hug


  • Libby-

    what can i say???  i feel the same way you do- i wish i could send many positive encouraging thoughts your way......i suppose we need to hang onto 'Hope'.  

    it's funny how that bag fell on you in the closet, almost like someone was trying to tell you (rather hit you over the head, lol) that the dream of pregnancy is real and will happen again- when it's the right time.  maybe in five years when we both look back at this struggle for pregnancy, we'll  understand why God made us wait for this miracle.  it's so hard to accept now, but we must hang onto that 'hope' that still lives within us, we will get our chance again- we must believe this.

    i've been trying to live my life happy as things are, trying not to think about what might have been, about ttc...but after eight months of negative after negative, and then starting the process of anticipation and dread all over, it's exhausting.  

    I've decided to donate all my maternity clothes to my pregnant friend and give the rest to a 'crisis pregnancy center' in my's made me feel good to help others, and also feels like i'm wiping the slate clean. :)

    Thinking of you-


  • Libby-Lots of hugs coming your way!


  • Oh Libby, I'm feeling it too.  I want so much to just be happy with life.  It's proving to be very difficult with each passing day.  The reminders are still everywhere for me too of the life that once was.  Sometimes it all seems so unreal, but the reminders around the house and the little ones that pop up now and again make me smile too.  There were a lot of happy moments with this last pregnancy.

    I'm sure your decorations are just beautiful and I wish for you and hubby to have a very merry x-mas.


  • Hi Honey, I hope you can tell people when they ask that question, "I do have a child, he's in heaven now."  I'm pretty sure nobody would press for more with that answer.  People who don't realize the complexities of a question like that just have not lived at the levels of life you've experienced.  Sending you big hugs during this most difficult (holiday) time.  xoxo Uncle ~B~

  • Believe in the power of nature....

    Love you