Somewhere Over the Rainbow


  • First let me say congratulations, she is beautiful and there is nothing more peaceful than hearing that first cry and eventually being placed into your arms. In so happy she is healthy:)....

    Now breastfeeding I feel like I could write a novel on it lol. Gabrielle also lost more than 10 percent and has some high billirubin levels. I had to supplement with formula until my milk came in. Till this day 6 months later I still battle low milk supply and it honestly shocked me. I didn't realize bf could be so hard and I really beat myself up about it. It was something I wanted to give my daughter and it upset. I found a really good lc and 6 wks seriously 6 wks later I was finally pumping enough milk to feed her. I took Reglan didn't work, drank mothers milk tea, pumped 12x a day (see why I named my pump Heather...we hung out way to too much). I even used a supplemental nursing system that was taped to my body. But what worked eventually was the herb fenugreek, Gabrielle never did learn to suck hard enough but I started to produce enough milk. Anyway the point of this novel is don't beat yourself up about it. Bf is are doing everything you can and you have a healthy baby girl:). Do what will work best for you and Lucia and try not to beat yourself up about it

  • She is absolutely beautiful, Libby! Congratulations!!


  • OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!  She's adorable!!!  

    I have a little girl in my classroom that's name is Lucia and I thought it was so beautiful, and then came home to find out that your little girl is also Lucia!  She fits the beauty of her name as well!   Thank you for sharing pics with us!!


  • Libby, she's SO cute!!!  Welcome to the world little Lucia Elizabeth!  One of my son's b-days is also on 8/2, so I will forever be thinking of your little one on this same day:)  

    Don't worry about the milk supply.  Sometimes it takes awhile.  Try to be drinking LOTS of water and maybe a warm compress.  Sometimes hearing a baby cry would help too.  She's healthy and she's here.  As long as she keeps taking her bottles however they are prepared, she's GOOD:)

    Please don't beat yourself up and don't allow anyone to say anything negative to you ever.  You've been on a very long journey to get to where you are my dear.  Enjoy and take many pictures.

    Hugs to you and Bruno,


  • Congratulations Libby, she is adorable, wonderful, beautiful, perfect........ wow already 12 days old, times flies by so quickly....... Ah nursing, well don't get frustrated about it, it is not a simple task, like publicity and other moms tell you, you will learn by yourself, but please don't give up, by experienced, I gave up to quickly with Stefano, thinking there was something wrong with my milk, but with Valentina I gave little more time, and the benefits are wonderful, so cheer up, as Lindsay said you have come from a long way, and give yourself a little more time, and relax, it is not a competition, you already are a GREAT MOM,

    I am so happy for you, and your family,

    big hug


  • Libby she is absolutely beautiful. Congratulations to you and your husband. I am so happy for you. Spoil her rotten!!!



  • Drinking some Guinness! HaHa! She is gorgeous and perfect. I am so happy for you, Libby!



  • Hi Libby,

    What a beautiful little girl! I'm sure you and Bruno are over the moon. Enjoy every moment -- they go fast!

    Not sure I've ever heard of drinking Guinness to promote your milk supply, but if it works.... then go for it! It does take some time. I think with Kaelin -- my milk came in around the 5th to 7th day ... and slowly increased. I tried to drink lots of water. The warm compress that Lindsay recommends may work too.

    Hang in there -- it's a wonderful bonding experience! check in often with lots of pictures!


  • She is perfectly beautiful. I mean really, could she be any cuter.  Congratulations!!!


  • Beautiful name for a beautiful little girl!!!


  • Libby-

    So sorry i'm just getting around to posting now, it's been a crazy couple weeks.

    First, let me say that Lucia is gorgeous, how precious!  I'm so happy to hear that the birth was uneventful.  I hope your are healing up nicely and are able to get around much more now that it's been a few weeks.

    as far as the bf's probably one of the hardest things to deal with after having a new baby.  try not to beat yourself up too much, you're doing the best you can and that's all you can do.  Bella lost more than 10% too, and when i finally broke down and began supplementing with formula i felt like such a failure.  and then adding  the sleepless nights it was difficult to say the least.  There was a nurse practitioner at Bella's pediatrician's office who was also a lactation consult., she was amazing!  I remember going in specifically b/c we were having problems with the bf, and she must have known i was stressed and on the verge of breaking down....just talking to her about the stresses was a big help, and she had great insight about latching, and bf in general.  

    just remember that it will get easier, just keep trying and hopefully you'll find someone who can help you like she helped me :)

    if you have to supplement, that's okay too, you are not failing her!

    remember to take lots of pictures!  i know it's a cliché, but they sure do grow up too fast!

    can't wait to her more updates and see pics.

    take care,


  • What a gorgeous beautiful little girl!  Congratulations again!  Elim had quite a bit of weight loss as well but we were just lucky to avoid having to supplement.  Have you tried more milk plus?  That did wonders for me I believe.  From what I understand it may have to do with our angels.  The LC told me that my first pregnancy set the tone for what would happen with my subsequent ones, that since I didn't breastfeed with them that may have been why it was slow to come in for me with Elim.  Not sure how much of that is true or not though.  You're doing a great job though mama!  Hugs!


  • Congratulations!!! She is beautiful!

  • ohhh wow she is beautiful..perfect lil bundle & she has her big brother watching down over here. Hope all continues to go well