Somewhere Over the Rainbow


  • My advice for your c-section is to make sure the nurses know your history and know that you are having some anxiety. I had a panic attack on the operating table with Trevor because I couldn't see him to be sure he was OK (they were just cleaning him off, he was fine). If we don't hear from you again, I hope the delivery goes well and it's everything you need it to be. Can't wait to see pictures!!

    Tons of hugs,


  • Libby,

    How exciting you are so close now and the long long journey of pregnancy is almost over. Once Gabrielle got here I remember thinking how slow the pregnancy was and now how fast my time goes by with her.

    I also hate hate and more hate that question. Really such a innocent question that I used to ask and now never will again. Who knows how to answer there are so many variables like you said and I find myself saying yes to the stranger I never will see again as well but it feels like it rips a little piece of my heart every time.

    I can't wait to hear the news of when little foot arrives and I am hoping your c section goes as planned.

    Sending you big hugs


  • HEY!!!  

    I'm so glad that you updated....I made Jackie check you out on FB the other day (b/c I don't do FB) to see if all was well!!  I was just thinking about you :  )  Does that count as "stalking"??  LOL!!

    I'm glad that all is well for "Big Foot"!!  That's a great update!  Just answer "NO" when someone asks and leave it at that if you want.  

    I can't wait to hear updates!!  Hugs to you!!


  • Lib ~ so excited for you - keep your thoughts positive and know that another little angel is coming to you very soon.  I'm sorry you've had to deal with the ignorance of others questions.  Say whatever you feel like saying, nobody knows what you've been through who does not know you.  Hope to talk with you soon.  Love you honey.  ~Bri~

  • I have been thinking about you and LF, hoping all is well. So glad to hear that it is ans SO excited that you are getting so close!

    I can only imagine how painful and awkward that question is,  but it seems as though you are managing it with your usual grace. It's kind of you to think of others given the circumstances.

    Can't wait for the news of a safe and uneventful delivery :)



  • Libby! So wonderful to hear from you. I am so happy that you and the babe are doing well (aside from the anxiety).

    I hate "that question" too. Have been asked numerous times and it just makes my heart sink.

    You will be home with your lil one soon! I cannot wait to see pictures of your miracle. :)

    Wishing you a smooth delivery.



  • Libby, it is SO GOOD to hear from you:)  I've been thinking about you and wondering how you and baby-to-be are doing.  I'm just so glad that your OB and peri are on the same page.  Just a few more weeks to go and know that I'll be thinking of you.  That question is so painful and I find myself always in an akward position to answer.  I think you're handling it well.  

    Wishing you peace as you approach LF's birthday:)


  • Hi Libby,

    Wow girl -- you are nearly there! I'm proud of you and how well you have done thus far. Keeping hanging in!

    As for that dreaded question -- I was just asked this morning by the lady cutting my hair. She noticed I was obviously pregnant and asked if this was my first -- or did I have other children? I took feel a stab of pain every time I say I have one other child -- when I should be saying three others. It is situation-dependent and how much you want to reveal to strangers. I know what reaction I'll get, so I don't usually share it. Perhaps some day i'll be brave enough to say that I have four kids.

    I remember my C-section with Kaelin ... when I heard her cry as she came out -- I burst into tears and couldn't stop. The nurses were concerned b/c my BP was already high -- and I was making it higher -- but it was like a huge well of relief exploded. It was the sound I wanted to hear -- and finally could.

    I'm glad to hear that little, aka big, foot is doing so well. We parents will never stop worrying about our children ... when one worry is resolved ... another pops up.

    Take care and good luck if we don't hear from you before your delivery.

    love, erin

  • OK, so you've gotten so many responses that there is nothing left for me to say!  LOL

    Say what you feel comfortable with when people ask you those questions and know that being honest is ok too.  If they open that can of worms, let it be open.  

    I would probably still ask that question, but I would be better prepared on how to react if someone said "no, my other child is an angel".  And it's because of all my Share friends that I could handle that now.  :)

    So happy that things are going well for Little/Big foot.  Such great news!


  • oh my gosh...only a couple weeks to go, i had no idea.  i was just thinking of you yesterday, wondering if you were going to post soon and thinking you were probably due in Sept!  I'm so excited for you!

    btw, that dreaded question you referred's how my husband and i deal with it.  when they ask how many kids we have we have two responses planned.  for the lady at the grocery store, or the guy making small talk we say we have two kids, one's 3.5 and the other is 2.  If the person is someone we care to share Liam's story with, then the answer is that we have a 3.5 year old at home and our son 'would have been' 2.

    I know what you mean about this being such a dreaded question....prior to 2009, i asked this question plenty, but i'll never utter those words again.

    If we don't hear from you before little foot arrives, good luck!  can't wait to meet the new little one.


  • Oh Libby I was just thinking today of you and your baby....... I have not heard anything.... wow 35 weeks already??? I am so happy for you, well anxiety, I am not good at that, and surely not the best one to give advice about it, but you will see everything will be fine. I think it is a good advice someone said before, let the nurses know your history, so they can be aware of you...... Don't waste your happiness with silly ppl comments, they don't matter, just nod to them, and don't feel obligated to talk about Marco's story, is not that you are making him less important, he will always be important, is just that unknown ppl don't understand......

    You are killing me..... A boy or a girl??? How can you hold that question, I am not nosy but I would like to know.......

    big hug


  • I'm soooooooooooooo happy for you I really am! I feel you with the complex answer from all these people (annoying)! I know for me a lot of people hadn't seen me since I had Shiloh & so they will ask how old is she & before I let them go any further I wrap it up. Other ppl who are a lil closer say you're preg again? & then I go into brief details...ay first it tore me apart but idk, somethings change.

    I wanted to let you know I'm rooting for you & little bigfoot lol it gives me hope when this one comes. Thanksgiving (hes due date) seems so far away but when I read stories like yours I know we can do it. Your in my prayers,