Somewhere Over the Rainbow


  • That's sister's baby was nicknamed "Burlap" for some strange reason while she was preggo!!  LOL!!  I'm glad that Little Foot is doing well and that you've had some things to keep your mind busy.  I can't wait to hear the next updates!!


  • I love the nick name!  Do you know the sex yet?  I'm so excited for you honey I could burst!  Will call you soon.  xoxo Uncle ~B~

  • I'm so happy for you.  It's comforting that a lot of us that lost around the same time are going through the mixed emotions of having a new little one now.  I look forward to hearing all about your healthy pregnancy with Little Foot :) My four year old nephew decided that Toothless (after the dragon on How to Train Your Dragon) was a great name for my growing little one :)

    Love and strength to you


  • I can't believe I missed your post last week! I'm so relieved to have the update. It's funny how quickly time goes when it's someone else's pregnancy you're watching. 12 weeks already! I hope that the time goes quickly for you, too.

    Thinking of you,


  • I love the nickname! I can't wait to see pictures after the ultrasound!


  • Libby:

    Wow already 12 weeks!!! Awesome, Glad to hear ultrasound was great..... Little Foot.... like the nick name.... hey you made me feel so old.... you were kids when that movie was out?????  Don´t worry about anything, I know a pregnancy after a loss is so hard, but keep possitive, possitive thinking makes things happen....

    Big hug....


  • Congrats on making it to 12 wks so far.  I am approaching my 37th wk, so I understand the roller coaster of being pregnant after a loss.  It is a difficult process and I have found it hard to relax and just enjoy my pregnancy.  I hope you keep us all updated on your pregancy and I am wishing you a full 40 wks with a heathly baby at the end :)

  • Libby-

    thanks for sharing the LF story- so cute!

    I can't believe you're already moving into the 2 trimester- how is it that time passes by so quickly.

    being pre-occupied with other things is exactly how i managed to get through 2010, lol...not exactly sure if that's the 'healthy' approach, but hey, it has been working for me. :)

    take it easy- talk to you soon.


  • I had a feeling that's where you got little foot's nickname from, I love that movie!!  Wow, I can't believe you're already almost into the second trimester!  I know in the early days it didn't seem real that I had a little one hanging out in my belly again.  Sending tons of hugs your way!


  • I so love the nickname you've got going on!  I so remember that movie:)  I'm starting to feel old now:)  I can't believe that it's already been 12 weeks!  That's awesome Libby!  I can't imagine all of the mixed emotions that you are having, but probably keeping busy is helping to take your mind off of some of the anxiety, etc.  Sounds like you're in good hands and I just know your angel is watching out for you guys.

    Big hugs,