Somewhere Over the Rainbow


  • Libby-

    She is so beautiful- and fashionable!!  And I think she looks a lot like Marco.  :)

    Isn't it amazing what those two lil' lines can do- awaken a love you never knew existed and of course cause you to totally question them and pee on more things!  What a happy happy day.  That's hilarious what you wound up buying that evening.

    That circle thinking- it's so hard to stay out of.  

    Many hugs,


  • Libby, She is such a pretty little girl!!! I am glad to read that you are in good spirits. Memories are there to help you cope and realize that although you may have lost a little angel, he will forever be in loved and in your heart.

  • Wow those memories are so matter how many years have passed!

    Love the pics!!  I can't believe she's that big!  Beautiful---absolutely beautiful like her mommy!



  • Libby -

    I don't think anything can take away the gift of that moment, that night, not even the painful ending.  

    Lucia is such a beautiful little girl. So precious!



  • Hugs Libby!  I am smiling as I read your post.  What a really neat way to tell the future grandparents that you two were pregnant with Marco!  I bet they were over the moon with joy and hoping they ripped open the box and started immediately.  I am so glad that even with all of the pain, you still have those good days to look back on.  Good Friday will always hold a very special memory for your family.

    Lots more hugs,


  • Such a beautiful story, Libby. Donna is right - the beauty of that moment is indelible, if bittersweet. Love to you and Lucia and Bruno. Thinking of Marco 3


  • Love, Love, Love, Marco and Lucia!!

    Hugs, Libby!

  • What a beautiful story. I so wish the ending matched the beginning. For all of us. You said it perfectly, you can't replace a child and none of us would ever want to but you are so right about the why me. Why any of us. I too am grateful for my sweet girl but I wish with all of my heart I didn't have a tragic tale that followed me every where I went, that came with her beautiful face. Big Hugs to you.


  • I dont think we will ever forget the moment we saw those two pink lines with our angels.  Those moments are forever etched in our minds.  

    HUgs momma, ohh and she is beautiful!


  • I love that you have those moments, those happy memories of your moments with Marco.

    And how flipping cute is his little sister?  Oh my goodness!!  Lucia really is so sweet.

    Thinking of you,