Somewhere Over the Rainbow


  • ha ha ha- i love the name of your post!  it really made me smile and laugh when i read it!

    as for the jumping dogs, :), i know the worry and anxiety that might bring...i'm glad you have a doctors appt tomorrow to air out those fears- i'm sure everything is okay, but it's nice to have a conformation.

    We've had our puppy (i call him that, but he's far from a puppy, lol) for the last 11 years- he just turned 13 on Valentines day.  he was also like our child before Bella was born- he traveled everywhere with us, even when we drove up to Alaska for the summer.  it's funny how the dynamics can sometimes change after having a baby though :).

    I think the nursing bra thing is a really positive sign- i think it must be such a relief to know that your hope is growing...i really hope i can get to that point one day.  and btw- aren't nursing bras the funniest looking things you've ever seen :), lol!


  • Oh my----just my luck the dogs would land in the same place twice too!!  I'm sure all is well with "happy floating" for Little Foot, but I can see where your anxiety lies.  

    As for the go girl!!  I think you'll enjoy the easy access for LF and being able to think positively through this pregnancy is a wonderful help to his/her growth!!


  • I like the title of your blog entry too Libby!  It made me laugh when I read it and I can use all the laughter I can get.  Yeah, maybe your furry children will have to sleep elsewhere from now on.  It will be hard for them, but they've got some time to get used to it.  Shopping for maternity clothes and new bras w/out "those" thoughts must have felt good.  

    Stay positive and good luck at your next appointment:)


  • The title is very compelling :) Those crazy pups will just have to take better care in the future. Good luck teaching your old dogs new tricks.

    I think the shopping is a very good sign! Hope is all we have to keep us going and I'm so glad yours is quietly growing along with the baby.

    Thinking of you!


  • Libby-

    Sounds like the pups and Lil' Foot are already having quite the time together.

    I had a similar experience when I was pregnant with Micah.  I picked out a pair of maternity pants that were on sale, too big for me at the time.. walked out the store and then had a panic attack because what if I never made it that far.  Aaaaah the rollercoaster of pregnancy with eyes wide open.

    Hugs and more hugs!


  • Libby,

    Love the title of this post!  I hope your OB appointment went well and hope your doctor was able to put you at ease. If it makes you feel any better, Josh is always climbing/stepping on me (including my belly) and think of the pregnant women that are in car accidents and everything is fine.  :)  There is so much cushioning that Little Foot probably didn't even feel his/her furry siblings!  :)

    Great news on the nursing bras!  :)  Its a big step and you should be proud of yourself.

    You guys are always in my thoughts and prayers!