Somewhere Over the Rainbow


  • Thank you so much Libby. You of course are never far from my heart either. You are such an amazing, beautiful, strong woman as well. I think that your comparison to your yoga class sounded very accurate. Somehow, someway we all manage to pull ourselves thru, I am sure that the help of each other helps significantly.

    Hugs to you,


  • Libby, I love this post!  It's so how I feel about this journey.  Okay, so I need to check out this type of yoga class.  Sweat the pounds away, huh?

    Share ladies are never far from my mind and heart.  Happy Mother's Day to you:)



  • Libby:

    I liked your post, though I have never try Yoga, and I think is like our grief journey and ppl outside it, you never know how it is, until you experienced it yourself, yes you can read about it, like you can read of yoga, but experiencing is different, and the experience is different for each person... Happy Mother's Day to you too



  • Libby~  

    I've never thought of the grief journey as requiring will power, but you know're so right!  I blame my lack of exercise and eating right to a lack of will power, when all along, I've just been using it so much that I never noticed. it when I learn a new way of thinking from a great person!!



  • Oh Libby...the strength, the pain, the beauty of this post just awes me.  You honor Marco in so many ways, every single day.  Loving his sister for her own beautiful self is one of those ways.  

    I love your analogy of yoga being so much like grief.  Grief is a training program you can't opt out of but you face it with such grace.

    So much love coming your way,