Somewhere Over the Rainbow


  • That is very insightful.  The hard part is definitely putting it into practice.  

    Woohoo!  I can't wait to meet you in Atlanta!  So glad you can make it.



  • Wow, yeah that is very insightful, it definitely is hard to think about the long term.  It's as if I tell myself that ok, I can make it as long as this month and then it will all be ok, only to get to that month and have to extend it even longer.

    OMG......YAY!!!!  I'm practically jumping up and down, I so cannot wait to meet you in October and can't wait to give you a huge hug!


  • I wish I could go to that yoga class. What a powerful message. I am in the same place you are with TTC and it's so difficult to be patient when every step seems filled with obstacles.

    Thank you for sharing this message. I needed to hear it.


  • This is an amazing message.  I seem to be unable to live in the moment...whether it is positive or negative.  I'm always looking for what's coming up and not appreciating the present.

    I truly hope that you can put this message into practice.  I think it will help with whatever path you travel.

    Best of luck,


  • Libby -

    I guess the thing different with our "pose" is that we have no choice but to hold it for the rest of our lives.  Like my yoga teacher will remind us - it's the mindset in how we hole the pose.  We can be so wrapped up in the uncomfortableness of the pose - or we can "breathe into it" and release the tension instead.  

    You are so grounded.  I am so thankful to listen/watch you grow from your experience with Marco's loss.  You motivate me - you remind me.  You are an amazing friend and I am so thankful that I met you --- even though I wish I never would.  :)


  • Woohoo on Shareunion!!!!  I'm so excited to meet you face to face and give hugs!!!

    As for the thoughts from yoga----now you have us all thinking!!!  I think I have areas of my life that I need to apply that to as well.


  • Your yoga teacher rocks.....  Marco helped you find her,.....that little angel....  

    Love you