Somewhere Over the Rainbow


  • Libby~  

    I'm so excited for you!!  I've definately miss you and have been thinking of you.  I love the name that you've picked....Little Foot!!  I can't wait to hear the latest and greatest on updates!


  • Libby--what wonderful news!  I see how nervous you are and I'm praying that you can relax so you can enjoy this pregnancy.  Hang in there and try to lift your worries up to God and your Angel, Marco.  Please know you've got a support group that is thinking about you guys and praying for you.  Love the pic of the sonogram!  Just try to take it day by day.  :-)


  • I was thinking of you the other day as well and wondered how things were going.  So glad they are going well and "Little Foot" (Love it!) is doing everything he/she's supposed to.

    Keep us posted, you know we're worry warts so if we don't hear from people often enough, we get worried.  (Yep, we're a little crazy that way!)



  • Libby-

    I'm so thankful for your update-- been thinking about you.  I love the nickname "Little Foot"... I hope you'll share the story of that nickname!  Adorable. :)

    I love that your doctor is taking your stress level into account and seeing you more frequently.


  • I've been thinking about you.  I'm glad to hear that all is going well and that you will be seen in another two weeks.  That's great!  That appointment with the peri will be here before you know it!  


  • Libby,

       Yay for 9 1/2 weeks, you're almost into the 2T!  So glad to hear that Little Foot is looking good thus far!  I can totally understand your reasoning for not doing any extra testing, we declined anything extra as well.  Plus if it didn't show anything the last time, I can see it not comforting you at all and only stressing you out to get those done this time.  Sending hugs your way, such a beautiful little baby!!


  • Libby- so glad everything is looking good!  i too am eager to hear the 'little foot' naming story, lol.

    keep us posted, and i'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers over the weeks to come.


  • Libby - I understand the fear that comes with the anatomy scan after having a baby with a birth defect. I am hoping that you are able to relax and enjoy your pregnancy up until then even though I know you will be nervous. I am so happy for you, love the picture of Little Foot! Keep us updated, you know we all worry.


  • My heart sings out for you, Bruno, Marco and "Little Foot"!!!  Positive thoughts my love, look how beautiful your little one is growing inside you!  Very happy and thanks for sharing!  ~B~

  • Libby,

    I am so happy to have read about your news - I know you must be going through some crazy mixed emotions as I have been exactly where you are.  

    After losing Alex and Ava at 24 weeks, 2 years later - I had a their little brother Marco, he's 4.5 months now.....somehow I think your Marco and and Alex and Ava have definately been watching over us and will continue to.

    My pregnancy and delivery with Marco was textbook, almost boring - I wish the exact same for you.


  • Hi Libby,

    Yay on the good news! I know this is a scary and exciting time -- all packaged into one. It sounds like things are progessing well thus far.

    Love the Little Foot name! Keep us posted.