Somewhere Over the Rainbow


  • Oh Libby, I feel your pain.  I know you want another baby not just as a sibling for Lucia but also for yourself and that is not selfish, not at all.  You're an amazing mother to Marco and Lucia and you have so much to give a third child, one who can be there in your arms, by Lucia's side, annoying her, loving her as Marco does as her guardian angel.

    I hope you get your wish, your second rainbow.

    Wishing you so much of the best,


  • It is so frustrating to be wanting and wondering. I hope your doctor allows you to try Clomid for a couple more cycles - you are making progress.

    I can't imagine not having siblings, as annoying as they can be. I would be so thrilled to have one child, but even after everything, I'd still want another one. It just makes sense - if one is good, more would be better!

    Hugs to you and Lucia, I hope I get to see you in person soon.


  • Libby, little Lucia is so adorable!  I will keep all crossables crossed that this will jumpstart things for you.  



  • I really relate to your posts on many different levels. I find myself often saying be thankful you have Gabrielle she is healthy and such a gift... But I have moments where I want another baby so bad. I try and convince myself of all "the extras" Gabrielle can have without a sibling but in my heart it's not how I saw my family. What you say is so true... You don't want to miss any moments cause we are thinking of other things but it can be so hard sometimes. I hope your doc continues with the Clomid and you have pregnancy news to report soon:)


  • Lucia is such a beautiful little girl. I just love all of the updates about her. I look forward to hearing about how she grows up and learns all about big brother Marco. When we wanted to conceive Keira it felt like my body was failing me yet again. I hope that the clomid is "reminding" your body to ovulate and you will have some success soon. You sure so make beautiful babies.



  • It's not selfish at all to want more. Lucia is an amazing, beautiful,  precious gift. Hoping your doc does let you do a couple more rounds of clomid, and that it is enough.