Somewhere Over the Rainbow


  • How beautifully you wrote this.  There is such a physical pain that accompanies the loss of a child.  My heart truly aches with you.  I too often find myself looking at the emptiness of my house imagining what might and should have been.

    My thoughts are with you,


  • I too have just read your blogs. Im so sorry to hear of  your loss of your Marco.. I wish you and your husband the best.

    Loving your name:)

    Sending lots of prayers your way,


  • I hope all your dreams and wishes come true.  The pain of losing a part of us is so difficult and even when we try to stay positive, sometimes it creeps right back when we least expected.  

    Marco is always with you and loving you.


  • Hey Libby,

    I think of you often as I see the grief at work. I had shared your story with a good friend of mine and just recently she found out her baby has a birth defect. A gastroschisis. It seems like this website has been a great resource for you so I am going to send her here. Even though we work everyday in the NICU we have never been on the other side. I'm hoping this website will help her get questions answered that can only be answered by parents who have been there.  Wishing only the best to you and Bruno for 2010!


  • Libby-

    Thank you for your beautiful post.  When you mentioned a Zachary running around my heart did a flip.  Of course there are other Zachary children out there, but this is the first one that I have heard of since my son Zachary's death.  I am glad you put the name in your blog because I like to think of my Zachary running around a playground.  Oh our imaginations, so cruel, yet help us escape at times.....

    Take care and keep processing.  

    Glad to hear you are going to try again.  We are in the same place.


  • Many of us have had those same feelings....those same wonderings....  You "voiced" it beautifully, and I'm sure that in given time, you'll also be enjoying those realities.  Thanks for sharing your heart with us.