Somewhere Over the Rainbow


  • Such a pretty little lady. Congrats on her first bday. She looks like she lights up a room! Kate

  • Shutup, she is not already walking and already one?!?!?  Oh my gosh, where does the time go.  She's so beautiful- as is your entire family.

    It's been such a privilege to have known you through this three year journey.  I too very well remember when you joined Share, and keeping all crossables crossed for Marco, and his birthday.  Time is such a crazy thing.

    I too think Marco is celebrating all Lucia's milestones and so proud of his mommy and daddy who celebrate him.



  • Libby -

    Lucia is absolutely beautiful. What a little treasure! Happy Birthday to her. ;-) Love that she's so happy with her cake.

    These little gifts are amazing.  It does flash by so quickly. Good for you living every moment to its fullest.

    Can't wait to see you in October!



  • Aww....seems like yesterday we were loving on her at SU!!!  I still can't get over how much hair the child has!!!  Amazing!!  She's beautiful, and I'm so glad to see the pics today!


  • Libby, she's adorable!  Happy Birthday turning 1 to Lucia!  Yes, yes, our kiddos have the same birthday and I was thinking about your little one our our special day too:)

    Lots of love to you,


  • Happy Birthday Lucia!! many blessings for you and your family.... And that the love, joy and health is always present in each day of your life.....

    Libby, she is gorgeous, looks like she had a great day... so big, incredible how time goes by..



  • Oh, she's a dream baby!!  That little, busy girl.  Her party was a great time.  Love you all!