Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Made It Through My Due Date and The Holidays and Excited for 2010!

  • Oh sweetheart -what a beautifully touching, enlightening and heart felt story.  It must have been so painful.  I'm glad you can find moments of humor because that helps heal your heart.  I have no doubt the blanket of snow comforted you in it's own special way.  

    I'm proud of you taking that balloon around with you at the store.  I'm also proud that you feel your feelings as they come - hard as it may be - you are healing.  No doubt it's still hard and there may be some challenging days ahead.  

    Do try to see 2010 as a new door, new beginning.  I'm sure there's a baby eager as ever to be your child.  I'm sure when it happens it will be a gift from Marco.  

    Stay brave and see new hope.  It's just around the corner!  

    Love you lots... ~B~

  • I hope 2010 brings you many new and exciting things, and some healing for your wounded heart.

    Thinking of you,


  • Oh honey, i'm sooo sorry for your loss!  i just read through your entire blog and cannot imagine how stressful, exciting, hopeful, and emotional this rollercoaster was through your pregnancy and even after little Marco's passing.

    You seem like such a strong woman. Happy 2010 and I hope that the quest to have a healthy child plays in your favor.


  • It sounds like you had the perfect balance of appreciating the season and what you do have, but at the same time letting yourself grieve for Marco.  It's a hard tightrope to walk, but you sound like a very positive person from all I've read.  Keep taking care of yourself and keep us posted on how you're doing.


  • What a great way to honor your sweet little boy!!  I hope that you'll find special ways to honor him throughout 2010 as well.