Somewhere Over the Rainbow


  • Wow, yep, I guess our bodies are smarter than we are.  Now if we can just convince them we know better than them and get pregnant right away :).  Beautiful picture, thanks for sharing!!  I've got a song on my ipod's Emilyn and Hailey mix, I know there's a quote in one of the country songs about "sunny days seem to hurt the most,"  I agree, I always wonder what I would have been doing on these nice days with my two little girls.


  • Smarter or doesn't make you stop wanting!!

    I love the pic that you posted.  You're beautiful and I know that brings sweet memories to your mind about that precious little boy.  I hope that you're able to think of those memories while enjoying the warmer temps. and know that he's looking down on you and enjoying your smile.


  • Libby-

    You're beautiful.  Thanks for posting your picture of HOPE!  I am so right there with you.  I want a happy and healthy pregnancy.  I want a baby to hold and love in my arms.  I am still in the 2 weeks waiting period -- ugh this is so tough!  I HOPE we are preggers, but I am feeling very PMS-ie.  

    Will let you know.

    If not this month, I definitely agree that with being pregnant there is a certain amount of letting go that needs to happen.  We can't be living in fear the entire time -- it's not fair for us or the baby.  So...your wise husband is right, our bodies will know when it's the right time.

    Thinking of you-


  • Libby,

    You look beautiful, with the preganancy glow.  I hope soon you get your wish of being pregnant again.  Your husband is right, your body will know when its ready.  Like i said in a recent blog, I wish i had a crystal ball that would tell me the future to ease the anxiety we feel and to know the answers to all of our questions. I don't have a Crystal ball but like you; I have an angel that is looking over me.  Our angels are always protecting us :)

    sending you lots of baby dust your way



  • ~When the rain of compassion falls, even the desert becomes a vast fertile plain~


    Keep strong to your faith ~ that day will come!  It was sad to see your picture but I know there will be another one with you holding your belly with a big smile again.  Keep yourself healthy and strong - and your body will let you know when it is time.  Maybe Marco's helping decide as well?  I'm sure he wants to see his Mommy and Daddy happy.  Sending you lots of love, hugs and tons of HOPE!  xoxo Uncle ~B~

  • What a beautiful Prego picture!  Makes me miss it!!  Such an amazing gift to carry a child.  You will carry another and feel this glow again!!!  Thanks for sharing!