Somewhere Over the Rainbow


  • I am with ya girl on the ups and downs. Some people just need to learn to keep their mouth shut!

    I will be thinking of you as you approach Little Foot's u/s. It is hard to be excited when all you want is for everything to be okay and "normal."

    I hope you get pictures. :) Those are the best!

    Great to hear from you!



  • Stand strong honey, and keep your thoughts in the most positive light.  I'm doing the same for you, allow yourself to feel good while wading in caution.  Love you sweet-heart!

  • Wow.  Ok.  I am going to try to be as patient as possible the next four days too now! :)

    I also freaked at every comment... too big... too little.. high low.  Ugh!  I now know to only say to any preggo lady... you look just right. ;)  So speaking of... totally wanna see your just right belly... and face of course.  Pictures please!

    Enjoy the now.


  • Happy 20 weeks Libby!  I can't imagine all of the emotions you are going through.  It must feel like an eternity waiting for that next appt. or sono.  I hope the days go by quickly for you and you're in that dark room before you know it:)  

    Good luck and take good care,


    P.S.  Good for you for pulling out that weed of a comment!  Only happy thoughts people, then give 'em the bird or something!

  • Libby, I remember how nervous I was in the days leading up to my 20 week sono with Trevor being terrified that he was going to have the same birth defect that Nathan did. Trynot to worry too much, but I know that's easier said than done. I'll be thinking of you as the sono approaches.



  • Libby -

    Sending you love and light.  I am going to hold MY breath for you -- so you just keep on breathing ok.  :)  I HATED It when people would comment that I was "small" with Evan.  BUT LET ME JUST TELL YOU -- when he came out -- HE WAS NOT small!!  Our bodies are different -- we all carry our pregnancies differently.  Good for you for not listening.  Your inner voice knows how to get you through this pregnancy.  You are so strong - so positive.  I love how you catch yourself and guide yourself back to the straight path that will get you to the finish line.  We are all cheering you and little foot on -- Marco is always cheering the loudest!  We love you and can't wait to hear the good news you will share with us from the u/s.  Remember -- we have to think positive thoughts -- you could drive yourself crazy with the "what-if's".......don't go there unless you have to.  Like Lauren -- the nest 3 days can't happen fast enough!!

    Love you-


  • Libby:

    OMG Already 20 weeks??? Congratulations, I am so happy for you..... Yes, I think all of us, that have the pleasure to meet you, will hold Our breaths for you these 4 days.... please post as soon as you can, we will be waiting for the great news I am sure are coming...... Silly ppl, and old wives' tales, glad you put that nonsense out of your mind...... I know how you are feeling, all that expectation, all those emotions, and the long days of waiting..... but I am sure all will  be all right, you have a great sweet angel up there taking care of you both.....

    Big hug to you


  • I want you to know that you are a very strong woman. &nd that I'm thinking of you and your baby and praying for the best. Congrats on everystep of the way & the rest of the journey that will continue & hopefully not take too long. Thank you for being an inspriration as I'm just beginning mine! :)

  • LIbby,

    Congrats on 20 (and a half) weeks now!  :)  Sorry I missed this post before!  People don't know what they're saying to pregnant women...they usually aren't trying to be hurtful, everyone just takes a full term awesome pregnancy with a perfect little baby for granted!  Luckily, now that Tanner is almost 14 months old, I can really only remember one obnoxious comment during my whole 37 week and 2 day pregnancy!

    I will wish for beautiful March weather for the next two days for you!  We're coming to DC for a couple days at the beginning of April and I'm hoping to be able to do touristy stuff with the kids outside!  It's been about 20 degrees around the clock here for the last two weeks or anything will feel warmer to us!

    Think spring and a happy healthy 20 more weeks!  I'll be thinking of you and waiting to hear about your ultrasound!  Best of luck!!!


  • Hi Libby,

    I'm glad to hear your pregnancy with Little Foot is progressing well. I'm also super proud of you for thinking positive and beginning to plan for the new little one. It took me nearly 30 weeks before I allowed myself to open up and have hope that my pregnancy with kaelin would turn out OK.

    Disregard those insensitive people and focus on the positive energy. You deserve all the best!


  • Hugs to you on 20 weeks!!  I'm not sure why it's taken me several days to see your post, but I'm here now!!  

    It's understandable for you to be "quieter" than some mommies about how things are going.  I think I would be too.  I can't wait to hear how the next dr. visit goes!!  Keep us posted.