Somewhere Over the Rainbow


  • Sweet Birthday Wishes to Marco!

    It doesn't sound silly at all that the candle made Marco feel closer.  Having those tangible things is important.  I'm thankful to hear that Marco's 1st Birthday was a peaceful one for you and Bruno.  I know Marco was smiling and so very proud of his mommy and daddy.

    You've been in my thoughts.



    And from one board game playing couple to another... that also doesn't sound silly! :)

  • I am glad you found a way to acknowledge Marco's day. What you did sounds just perfect to me. What a sweet sonograph picture! Thanks for sharing it with us.



  • I am so happy you found a way to honor your sweet baby boy's day.  Thank you so much for sharing it with all of us. Happy Birthday sweet Marco.

    Take good care,


  • Happy Birthday Marco!!

    I'm glad that you were able to do something that you needed to to honor Marco on his special day.  It's not what you do, but that it means something to you.  

    Hugs to you!


  • Sweet birthday wishes, Marco.

    It was nice to have met you at SU. I only wish we had more time prior to our marta ride to talk.

    I have spent the evening reading about Marco and your story. I'm heartbroken for all you and Bruno have been through.

    I pray for peace in your heart.

  • Libby-

    That sounds like a perfect day to honor your little Marco; the candle is beautiful!

    I'm glad you were able to make it through the day, and you had SU come a such a perfect time.

    I'm sending happy, positive baby thoughts your way for a little brother/sister for Marco!

    take care-


  • The little frame of Marco is so cute!  I guess I never thought to frame an ultrasound picture.  Really, thank you for giving me that suggestion in a way.  A dinner at home with you and Bruno sounds like a nice way to honor your kiddo.  The candle is really sweet.  It was a pleasure meeting you at SU.  Thank you for the conversation and for listening.  I hope to see you at the next one and I'll be blowing some baby dust your way.



  • What a lovely day. I'm glad you got to spend it together as a family. All my love to you and Bruno. I wish you could come over and play games with me and John.


  • Hey Libby, I found your blog. I was searching for you on facebook but couldn't find you.

  • oops, btw it's Krystie, search for me :-)

  • Happy belated birthday to your special little guy.  Sorry it's taken me so long to respond, I've been a little out of the loop in the blogging world.  Tons and tons of hugs are coming your way!  What a beautiful picture of your special little guy!


  • I think your day was perfect...spending time together and honoring Marco.

    Glad we got a chance to meet and chat at SU...



  • Happy Birthday little Marco.  I love you buddy and I miss you terribly, my heart aches for your mom and dad too.  You are living on in our hearts and minds, every day we think of you.  

    Libby, it was good that you and Bruno spent the day together, you lived it purposefully....

    I love you,