Somewhere Over the Rainbow


  • It's great to have an update. I'm so glad things are looking good and LF is measuring well. I imagine your next milestone will be 29 weeks. Hang in there, Libby! I think of you often and wish you more of those peaceful moments.



  • Libby-

    Congratulations on 24 weeks!  Seriously, I was just thinking about you a few hours ago wondering how you were and looking forward to one of your updates!  I am glad to hear that all is well with LF and I hope that you are getting plenty of rest and taking it easy.  

    Big HUGS,


  • Yay for Little Foot!!  I'm so happy to hear that all is well with this little one.  I'm sure that trying to be excited while remembering sweet Marco is a tedious balance.

    Hugs to you on Mother's Day as you celebrate remembering both of your children!!


  • congrats on a great ultrasound....those are always a blessing as well as any moments of peace during a pregnancy after a loss.  The nursery is def a tough one to tackle and its good you started on it. In my case it took right up until the end before it was complete...seemed like i could only handle it in small amounts

    Happy mothers day to you as well, i know Marco will be smiling at you today and greatful that you are his mommy

  • Hey Honey, Happy mother's day to you!  I'm so happy to hear all this.  Try to get into zen mode and not worry so much.  I'm sure you are going have a wonderful birth.  I love you and am thinking of you.  Uncle ~B~

  • Yeah for 24 weeks. :) I am so glad you are finding those moments of peace. Being pregnant again brings about so many emotions. I hope that as you continue through your pregnancy that you find the joy and hope of this little one.

    I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day, celebrating lil Marco who first made you  a momma and the hope of LF.

    Love and hugs,


  • So glad LF is doing well and thriving.  Grab those moments of peace when they come.

    Many hugs,